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Please help Conatus News in its work within human-rights, free-speech and social progressivism...We want you to be a part of our journey!

We did it!

On 1st Jan 2017 we successfully raised £1,086 of £1,000 target with 30 supporters in 56 days

Why Crowdfund us?

We at Conatus News are undertaking a massive campaign to try and amass some crucial funding in order to grow as a progressive news organisation dedicated to human-rights. The team has really big and exciting plans regarding where we'd like to take Conatus News. However, before we tell you about Conatus News, let us tell you what we are aiming to raise funding for:

1) Training our already distinguished team of writers, social media experts, and editors. 
2) Funds for advertisement. This is for the principal aim of increasing our presence online in order to really help proliferate our progressive narratives (particularly regarding human-rights)
3) Set out achievable projects which aim to inspire a whole generation of activists. Funds will afford us resources to collaborate with human-rights organisations in order to host events (such as conferences) and media projects (such as videos).  
4) We would like to host two conferences per year in London which will largely concentrate on bringing to light those crucial issues we cover at Conatus News and, more importantly, what we can do as activists to address them.
5) We would like to have a professional website developer move our website over to a html/wordpress platform in order to speed up article publishing (which for us is absolutely crucial). 
6) Closely related to the previous aim, by moving over to a new platform we hope to finally create a mobile app. This will be vital in order to help increase our readership in a culture increasingly relying on mobile apps to access news.

All of these aims are decisive for our paramount goals as a news organisation. Whilst the team have already (and very kindly) given have invested their own money in order to establish our position today, we are nevertheless at the point in which we really need some help from financial backers who really believe in our work and ambitions as a socially-progressive news organisation. 

What do I get for funding? 

Not only will funders have the knowledge that they will be contributing to a news organisation that is dedicated to social progressivism, but funders will have the opportunity to join our distinguished team! Funders will therefore have an exciting opportunity to contribute articles to Conatus News that will aim at, with the support of a very hard-working team, effectuating some very important social changes. We want our funders to be a part of the journey. What is more, we at Conatus News will provide full-training if a funder is new to the world of article-writing. 

Why Start Conatus News?

We at Conatus News believe that we are currently in a situation in which the world of news has become worryingly repetitive, inflexible, and diluted. We believe that identities have become prioritised over ideas, sales over social-progression, and online journalism has become awash with partisan, cursory narratives. This is a worrying problem for the way that we consume news. This is a problem because the situation creates a climate within the sphere of news media that worryingly circumscribes narratives which happen to be unconventional, newfangled and, worryingly, socially progressive. Whether that is narratives that forge disparate arguments for a pro-EU position, or ones that confer progressive, liberal interpretations of an excoriated religion - fundamental, and indeed socially crucial, narratives are being muffled and labelled ‘ungermane’, ‘suspicious’, ‘unappealing’, and even ‘noxious’. We at Conatus News believe that this is particularly evident in British news media - a problem that brought together a group of like-minded people who decided that change was needed, who decided that too many crucial narratives were being shot down and too many inspirational activists were being excluded from having a stage to spread their stories, to disseminate their ideas. Conatus News believes that revolutionising news is therefore crucial.

What is Conatus News?

Conatus News is an online news-platform comprised of op-ed aricles that is at the forefront of innovative news-delivery. Unlike typical online journalism, Conatus News provides a platform that revolutionises the fundamental ethos of news media by placing a considerable investment in publishing narratives which accord well with our commitment to social progressivism. We have a team of 50 - including writers and editors, and we have, thus far, published over 200 articles. Our articles are on Google News, and weekly readership amounts to around 100,000 views. 

Why Conatus News?

We at Conatus News think that it is essential that any attempts to revolutionise news requires that the spotlight is brought back to the following fundamental question:  what is it that we want our readers to take away from the articles that we publish on Conatus News? Conatus News believes that news media has considerable leverage in enacting social change and effectuating the larger cultural backdrop. Whether that is leverage in influencing political policies, substantiating the arguments for LGBT, racial and gender equality, increasing scientific literacy to the common reader...the list is boundless.

Conatus News is the first UK media platform that is dedicated to both encouraging and publishing narratives which are conducive to - and has a principal focus on - social progression. We believe that social progression should be the largest aim that we strive for as a news platform. To this aim, Conatus News has therefore published articles which may well be typically understood as "too offbeat", "too unconventional" and "too at odds with the populist view" for mainstream news media. Because the climate that currently encircles the world of news media at present grievously stymies ideas of progress, Conatus News has a promise as its mantra:  narratives that lay forward advancements in science, technology, economic development, and human and animal-rights will be given a platform. Conatus News believes that these things are indispensable tools for the weighty task that presses on the minds of all defenders of human-rights: answering the incommensurable call to improve the human condition and to improve the world at large.

What more can I do?

It would mean a lot to us if you could kindly share the project with people you think would also be interested in donating to Conatus News, especially those who would be interested in joining our distinguished team at Conatus News as a writer. 

We really believe that our team has the capacity to really effectuate important changes within society and the world of news-consumption as a whole. We really want you to be a part of this journey!


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