Support children of the garbage dump in Cambodia

Support  children of the garbage dump in Cambodia

Cambodian garbage dump children are looking for your support. Their privately funded school and shelter needs your help buying computers.

We did it!

On 12th Jan 2016 we successfully raised £275 with 2 supporters in 28 days

Dear supporters,

Thank you for making the time reading about our appeal!

We are Riyani Indriyati and Taco Franssen, founders of the UK registered charity, Dahuni Foundation. Our foundation is providing tuition fees for bright, but underprivileged children in Southeast Asia to pursue their education. Without supporters like us, these children would otherwise end up living on the street or work in sweat shops.

During our expansion project in Cambodia last month, we came across an exceptionally inspirational individual. Her name is Pymean Noun. This native Cambodian woman endured living under the Khmer Rouge regime and witnessed the tragic loss of many of her family members. She grew up in poverty and knows exactly how it feels like to live on the street. This motivated her to help saving the countless number of children who live either on the street or on and around the garbage dumps in Phnom Penh.

In 2002 Phymean set up an organisation called People Improvement Organisation (PIO). This charity foundation provides free education, free food, clean water, healthcare, vocational training and in many ways a save harbour to more than 1200 children. Phymean and PIO are the only hope of a decent life to these poor children. Our foundation is setting up a partnership with PIO to support children pursuing a university degree.

Her dedication and relentless work is recognized by her people and also elsewhere in the world. She was named CNN hero in 2008 and just this year, she was awarded the Children Nobel Prize. Due to the media publicity, PIO has been getting some financial support from donors worldwide. However, this exposure is also a double-edges sword. PIO cannot turn down any children and this means that ongoing help is needed. 

During our interview with Phymean, she indicated that her students are in need of computers. Her current financial situation doesn’t allow her to equip her schools with additional computers. Many students currently have to share the very few that they have now.

Because our foundation is not aimed at providing anything but tuition fees, we came up with the idea to raise fund through crowd funding. We need your help to provide PIO with some additional computers. We have donated £250 from our private funds and we would like to ask your support to help us raise a total of £2500 to buy 10 computers for the children at PIO.

On behalf of Phymean and all the children of the Garbage Villages we would like to thank you for your contribution.

Happy Holidays,

Riyani Indriyati and Taco Franssen


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