by Eaton Bray Academy PTA in Eaton Bray, England, United Kingdom

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Upgrade our ancient, obsolete computers! Enable effective teaching in school and remotely and set our children up for the digital age!

by Eaton Bray Academy PTA in Eaton Bray, England, United Kingdom

We all remember waiting hopefully at the checkout with Mummy. Did she spend enough to get a "Computers For Schools" voucher? Collecting those supermarket vouchers back in the '90s was competitive stuff! Could you persuade the old lady in front to give you hers too?! 

Despite technology's expense back in the 90s, those vouchers enabled schools to have a fabulous array of computers in their IT Suite. 

This is not the story today. 

Gone are the days of "Computers for schools" vouchers. No more national campaigns to ensure children had access to IT. Government funding is down, and school's technology departments are falling behind. 

Eaton Bray Academy is a small village school. As a consequence of our size, our funding and other income streams have dramatically decreased in recent years, and the budget for IT investment is zero - despite an ancient technology set-up. 

Our children are currently using laptops and computers that are old. So old they are running on Windows 7! Windows 7 is now obsolete, and therefore many of the software packages we use day to day can no longer be updated. Unfortunately, our laptops are too old to update to Windows 10.

Staff computers are extremely slow to load up each morning, and teachers cannot use the latest software, which would greatly enhance many of our lessons. This has become particularly apparent during the lockdown as we attempted to take our teaching online.

In the age of technology, our children desperately need access to up to date equipment to ensure they stay ahead in their IT education. 


We desperately need help to invest in new IT equipment to support our pupils' learning and provide reliable and fast equipment for staff. 

What do we need?

  • 30 New Notebooks/Chromebook laptops for children. 
    • 1 per child - for a class at a time.
  • Docking stations to connect laptops to interactive whiteboards.
  • 9 laptops for teaching and office staff to enable home learning.

In the current climate, IT is more important than ever in keeping us running smoothly as a school community, enabling pupils & staff to stay connected, whether that be within the school setting or when learning remotely. Investment in the IT equipment at Eaton Bray Academy would not only improve existing pupils' learning journeys but would also help to attract new pupils, helping the school well into the future. 

Please dig deep and support our school and the futures of our children.

Thank you from all at Eaton Bray Academy.


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You are incredible, thank you! You will receive a letter of thanks from one of our children. Plus you will have a tree in our beautiful newly-planted forest area dedicated to you!

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