Computer Application Design Needing a Push

Computer Application Design Needing a Push

A computer application to improve recording a reporting of information within the residential care sector.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

Hi, thanks for stopping by.

So I work within the child residential care sector in Plymouth, UK. I have an idea for a computer application that would improve the way care homes document and produce information regarding their service users.

I have spent the last few months creating design for my potential application. I have recently met with a developer who says the application is achievable and has given me some areas to think about.

Ultimately, the end goal is to set up a company that provide the application and also provide the necessary ongoing technical support and training to keep it fresh and relevant to its users.

In order to maximise interest in this unique, sector relevant project I am looking to raise funds to help build a working demo that I could then pitch to residential care companies. In turn this would generate potential customers and investment to achieve the company goal.

Any funds raised through Crowdfunder would go towards creating a working demo and aid the research needed to ensure the application meets regulations. Any residual funds would go towards setting up the business