Computer for Fashion Textile Design

Computer for Fashion Textile Design

I would like to be able to get a desk top computer and a printer for Textile Design so I can sell my work and eventually employ someone.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful
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My name is Jill  and I am hoping to raise enough money update my computer. I bought my last computer at £1,000 new and thought I was set up for when I left University.  Little did I know Intel was coming out making my computer obsolete. I couldn't afford an upgrade. 

I have put myself through university........  London College of Fashion and  London Institute - Central St Martins and I am really proud of the skills I have gained. I would love to sell my nuno felting clothing/fashion on the Internet and eventually a website because I work better on my own rather than being with too many people as I have adhd

I am a Tailor and Pattern Cutter in both mens and womens wear to Saville Row standard and off the peg manufacturing too, but have not been able to get things off the ground because I am not great at the networking side of business, I'd rather be at my desk working. Selling on the Internet will take the stress out of networking and selling.

I'd love a chance at using my skills and do something with them and to forward  myself.  

Being unable to replace my computer was the straw that broke the camels back, everything just came to a grinding halt.  My last computer broke around 5 yrs ago and it's proven difficult to save enough money to replace it.  And I need a computer to make money so it's a catch 22 situation that is getting me nowhere fast.

I can provide pictures of all my certificates from University if you would like to see them. Which are in Pattern  Cutting in both Tailoring and Manufacturing (off the peg), Garment Construction (sewing), in both men's and women's wear. 

kind Regards 


 P.S I have tried pasting examples of my work into this letter but it won't paste so I have to work this out and I will try again.