Compusurf IT Solutions

Compusurf IT Solutions

Establishing the first Crypto Mining Farm in South Africa.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

Compusurf is a start-up company in Partnership with Microsoft Bizspark Program. 

Our vision is to bring the latest Technology and Solutions to Africa.  

We need capital in order to buy the nessasary infrastructure needed to develop our programs. All necessary components is ready to be launched except for the major hardware systems.

 After successfull evaluation and testing of the systems we will launch small pilot programs (in conjunction with government) by helping the unemployed people by educating and providing them with the needed resources to empower, and guide them throughout, to start their own e-commerce businesses. Crypto Currency and Mining would play a major role. This will generate income for communities and in the long run thereby providing small communities with an influx of foreign capital which would help with growth and expansion for greater opportunities.

Other Products and Services that Compusurf IT Solutions is currently developing :

- Business Services: IT Management, Project Management, Policies and Procedures and Disaster Recovery Solutions.

- IT Analysis: Planning, development, implementation/integration and expansion strategies.

- IT Support Plans, Microsoft 360 integration.

- Cloud services and Integration: Microsoft Azure and IBM Cloud Services.

- Monitoring & Maintenance: Network devices Monitoring, Patch management, Remote assistance, Anti-virus Management, Anti-spam management, Software licensing and Warranty management.

- Internet Service Provider: Sim card Data, ADSL, FTTH.

- Web development, design hosting services, E-Commerce- Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Social media marketing management

- Domain registrations and Specialised Domain bidding site

- E-commerce Technology shop

- VOIP, PBX and IP Camera Security systems.

Compusurf would like to help the unemployed township communities by starting basic IT and Business Training Programs. After successful completion talented individuals will receive "Business Starter Pack" giving them the necessary tools to start a small business with guidance and assistance from Compusurf and our Partners in collaboration with Government. In rural areas it's possible to provide a service incorporating solar panels and battery packs with satellite internet, which is where cryptocurrency would be the main driving force for development. I have extensive architecture experience in software, hardware, communication networks and security and excellent business acumen gathered from my business experience during the last 11 years.