4K Video & hi res Underwater Camera upgrade

by Marcus Greatwood in Kingston Upon Thames, England, United Kingdom


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New Camera for NTX. 4K and low light.

by Marcus Greatwood in Kingston Upon Thames, England, United Kingdom

Marcus has been taking underwater photos and making films for years. He has been able to take some impressive shots whilst on location with his Freediving club, NoTanx. The hazards of breath hold photography are extreme, every diver needs a buddy, (model, photographer and lighting crew), so to set up a shot is more of a team effort that the specifics of one man and his cam.  NoTanx are an adventure diving club, so the dives sites can range from since UK caves, European cenotes, into the freezing conditions of Iceland, or on a wreck surrounded by the tranquil coral reefs of the Red Sea. 

Marcus has been fortunate to receive awards for several of his outstanding pictures. In 2017 he received Gold at the Marseille Aquatic Festival in the Stills category and had his film "Extreme Location Freediving" previewed there the same year. 2019 Marcus won 2 awards in The Underwater Photographer of the year,

as well as having several photos published in international Magazines and broadcast on Channel 4.

In 2017, we successful Crowdfunded an upgrade to Marcus Camera to the RX100 mkV, even through the quality is good enough for broadcast NTX continue to push into locations that a

re darker several upcoming projects require 4K capabilities as well as the abilities to enlarge to poster size.
This has brought us to the point of needing a new camera with full underwater housing.

This new Camera will allow for motion tracking under water as well as very low light capabilities, whilst keeping the size small to allow for easy handling whilst on breathold.

Let's make '4K Video & hi res Underwater Camera upgrade' happen