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Compassion - Cooking and Connection

Great food and atmosphere. Share, connect, laugh, understand, people from different backgrounds. Pay it forward for a more beautiful world!

We did it!

On 12th Aug 2016 we successfully raised £520 with 14 supporters in 95 days


Compassion is a fully functioning restaurant (and concept), that encourages connection and communication, brings communities together. It follows the principles of the Gift Economy, which means we operate under the Pay it Forward principle and there will be one totally  free meal service per week, donated meals and a Compassion wall showing notes of appreciation and kindness.  Compassion is also an event space and collaborates with other organisations, who may use the space for fundraising events and/or workshops around the principles of compassion and kindness.

The mission of Compassion is to bring people closer to each other and to grow our understanding and common connection to create a more beautiful world.. Everyone is invited regardless of your background. We all sit next to each other to talk, share and create greater understanding.

When you come to eat your dinner is already paid based on the Pay it Forward method. You pay for the next person to come and eat. Thse who cant afford to eat with us, are invited to pay it forward in a different way, via our compassion wall.

Our vision for Compassion is to be a community and a movement which spreads around the globe, connecting from abundance and our common humanity, something which is so often lost in our society.

Compassion will not have one cooking style but rather depending on others, top chefs, community groups, volunteers and organisations to come and cook and share their meals with us. The meals will be served as sharing dishes to entice connection and communication.

We will source everything we use from sustainable sources. Compassion is our brainchild after years of working in the food industry, fine dining restaurants and with thousands of refugees, we realised we had the opportunity to do things different....

Compassion will be built on the following 5 values:

  • Impeccable Service
  • Pay it Forward
  • Collaboration
  • Contribution
  • Trust & Abundance

Why the Compassion concept?

Compassion is generally is explained as: a concern for the well-being of others.

The loss of connecting and understanding, the growing gap between people, human beings, is probably the biggest challenge we are facing in our modern world. When we share a meal together we talk about our successes, our grievances and challenges, we share our stories and listen to each other. When we share our stories with each other on a deep level, we have a greater understanding and something in our relationship changes for the better.

We all have memories around food and it creates a bond between families, friends and strangers. Compassion provides this space where everyone can connect with each other. City bankers, locals, homeless people, refugees, it is a space where everyone is equal and where we talk about what we have in common in the company of great food and people.

Join us on this incredible journey..

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