Increase initial marketing efforts and drive traffic to the site for Caribbean travellers, deliver a road map of continued web development

Unfortunately, this project was not successful


The website has been created following extensive research by the founders that indicated:

  • Over 85% of travellers believed they did not have good knowledge of the specific characteristics of individual islands in the Caribbean
  • Over 80% of these travellers confirmed they would welcome a facility that would provide more detailed knowledge
  • Over 73% said they found it difficult to get the level of information about property and surrounding facilities to let them make informed choices

The website will be the most extensive and personalised source of information about each individual Caribbean island giving tourists the ability to create their own holiday from informed choices based on their own personal preferences and needs – on the island that is right for them.

The site will contain a unique application “PERSONAL PREFERENCES FILTER” that will allow holidaymakers to select their personal preferences and the site will return a clear variety of accommodation options across various islands that fit the user’s personal preferences. This is our main unique feature even against the well-established competition, because all other websites begin the user journey by asking the traveller ‘Where do you want to go?’ This doesn’t work for the Caribbean because the Caribbean is viewed as one single holiday destination and therefore travellers don’t know which destination to go to or which island is right for them. That is where this feature will really help them make the right decision.

This application will enable holidaymakers visiting the site to really filter and identify their perfect holiday accommodation options.

In addition, the site provides great information about the differences between each island including culture, history, best beaches, fun activities, places of interest etc to give travellers the ability to make more informed decisions about holiday destinations.

Not only will such information enhance holiday choices it does afford the site the opportunity to enhance future income through advertising to local businesses on each island with the activity & tour providers, restaurants, bars etc.

In summary, the website’s ‘unique proposition’ can be summarised as follows:

  1. All aimed at helping the holidaymaker to personalise their accommodation on the island that is right for them
  2. Detailed tourist information for each island destination so they can choose an island based on more than just price of the accommodation
  3. All the Caribbean island’s holiday information in one place in a great website experience