Community Training Space - Health and Well-being

Providing an improved space for training, talks, meetings, workshops, on all aspects of health and personal growth for all ages and levels!

We did it!

On 15th Apr 2015 we successfully raised £5,305 of £5,000 target with 103 supporters in 42 days

New stretch target

If we were to exceed our target we woulld put this towards investment in to media equipment, to allow to outfit the room to a higher standard This would allow marketing of the space to a wider range of potential user groups and providers.

Hi there and thank you for showing interest in our project!

We are a natural health centre and we are raising funds to remove an all supporting brick wall to extend our training room. The room will be a great community resource for the training and development of both the public and professionals.

We are very passionate about health and we want an opportunity to share this with more people in the community!

The extension means an increase in capacity from 6-10 to at least 20 participants. We will be able to offer a wider range of options to be accessible to more people in the community. We already run some classes and meetings but due to our limited capacity, we are unable to meet local demand of people who would benefit and like to attend. We are not yet able to let it be the hub we know it has the potential to be.

The space will be a great asset to both local and national small businesses, as well as individuals, enriching the lives and health of people in the area.  We are passionate about encouraging awareness around the importance of health and wellbeing, empowering people to support themselves and others through this aspect.

To make events more accessible to attend many are offered on a donation basis where attendees only pay what they can afford. There are also some free events.

Examples of events include; 

  • different lectures and talks; health and healthy life practices, different therapies and their benefits, how to run a successful business 
  • networking or meeting space for groups in the area
  • training in health based subjects both conventional and non-conventional, potentially leading to recognised qualifications
  • Support groups for various people in the community ie pain management, various disorders etc
  • A space for meditation and mindfulness classes
  • yoga, chi kung and other similar classes

We want to see the space grow in to a great meeting place for people of all ages and levels, encouraging a strong community spirit and providing a reliable source of support.

Please check out our REWARDS, we think they are great! Any questions or requests for further information on what is offered is more than welcome! Perhaps one of our rewards would make a nice gift for someone you know?

Thank you for taking the time to read about our project, your support is greatly appreciated!

Ben and Cajsa - Centre for Integral Health


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