Community Revival Community Projects

Community Revival Community Projects

Community Revival Community Projects 1) Homeless Soup Kitchens 2) Elderly Care Hospital/Hospices 3) The Poetry Label

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

Community Revival is a youth run organisation, scheduled to make a change amongst different communities.

I believe every penny has a strong impact, so thats why I have created a crowdfunder page to get the world involved in what could make a difference for everyone old and young.

 Whilst growing up, I was constantly reminded to take care of the less fortunate, so continuing with this principle, I wish to make a real influence amongst this community, whether it be different generations, culture or religions.

I believe theres a spark in every single one of us to help this organisation grow until we are global and we can all say we made a change. 

Community Revival is a movement with the aim to rejuvenate the local Muslim community of Croydon and beyond. We seek to empower young people to be more involved in the local community through a series of projects and initiatives.

The idea is to tackle the issue of youth disenfranchisement and unemployment by getting young people to develop skills of citizenship and volunteering. We also seek to tackle the growing issue of radicalisation of young people through these projects.

This movement will address the socio-economic issues that cause disenfranchisement of Muslim youth through empowerment, as well as seeking to change the perspective of Muslims in wider society.

A Solem promise that all money raised will be invested into the relevant projects and in aiding this organisation to grow.

It begins with simply believing in this organisation the way I do, and together we can make an honest change.