Creating Bright Futures - Empowering The Youth

by Bright Future Bright Lives in Leeds, England, United Kingdom

Creating Bright Futures - Empowering The Youth


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Working with young refugees, those in hardship, children in poverty through the power of food, culture, community & opportunity.

by Bright Future Bright Lives in Leeds, England, United Kingdom

Can you help this Ramadan. 100% will be going for this fantastic cause for children and families all across Leeds, in particular those living in North Leeds including Harehills, Gipton, Roundhay, Chapeltown and around Inner City. 

Bright Future Bright Lives has been working for a few years to support young people across Yorkshire. We know many children from disadvantaged backgrounds such as refugees, careleavers and young people in poverty and many with unfortunate circumstances and WE WANT TO HELP THEM! Ultimately we work with them directly to establish the essentials such as food water clothing and then empower them to grow and develop their skills, uncover their goals and support them to achieve.

What we do...

We began in 2016 by understanding the needs of the children, young people and their families in this community  by hosting many events and play schemes during the holidays and providing fun activities, support, food and experiences and had the support of Bright Future, which is currently a tuition centre which operates as pay as you feel in North East Leeds supporting young people after school and weekends. From there, we have supported several enrichment opportunities, trips out and about for them to experience places and things that they may not have the chance to do. Last summer we took several young people to learn outdoor skills.

We have also given young people opportunities to practice and develop their social skills through groups and support from local businesses, who work with them to give these young people a platform and space to share their ideas. We then work together to make this a reality - providing opportunities. To increase their confidence, give them skills for life, provide them with opportunities based on their interests and support them to achieve their dreams.

Personally, having grown up in a fortunate loving home with support and opportunities around me, we slowly realised not everyone has the same. Many struggle and due to this struggle and lack of opportunities - children and young people become upset, sad, and generally it affects their mental wellbeing. One of the team members also works with Child Friendly Leeds and works with many organisations and young people across the city. This is one of the projects she did with schools and refugees. We then decided to work with different charities both global and local and in the last ten years have raised over £20,000 in groups for various charities and projects. 

Then it hit us - charity starts at home and many young people living around us need our support, so why not give them brighter lives and brighter futures?

Why we want your support...

Well it's a simple notion that young people need opportunities to display their talents. They will thrive with empowerment and aim for what they once thought was unachievable. Many of these children young people and families get asked or told 'how are you doing?', 'do you need clothes?', 'do you need food?', 'your child needs additional english lessons!', 'your child can only access this course'!, 'you will be good at this!'. From this their direction and opportunities are chosen and restricted to what people may seem a good and easy fit. Whether it's the lack of confidence or language barriers, some of the young people we have worked with feel ashamed to ask for additional support, entry into other subjects and programmes. Many young people also have creative ideas, dreams and ambitions that never get spoken about, they told me that these now seem unachievable or at a distant and their self-esteem hits rock bottom. 

For some young people, how do they voice what they want to do, when they don't have the confidence nor self-belief, when they don't know what opportunities exist nor who to tell? This is where you come in...

How your money will be used

With your help, we'll be able to: 

  • the families in most need with essentials and focused support 
  • community led project (power of community, food & people in times of hardship, can make a significant impact)
  • design and create little journals and work and develop literacy with short stories project
  • support the young people with essentials for their first presentations
  • create a hub with technology and essentials that they can come in and develop skills
  • quarterly trips to empower young people 
  • young people led mentoring programme 

Match funding 

We're very excited to be working with Legal & General who are offering to match fund this project. Our project isn't the only one in line for match funding, and the funding is allocated on a first come, first served basis. This means we need to raise the money as quickly as possible in order to double it! 

If you live in Leeds and want to get involve in this project and can help it develop further, we would love to hear from you. Please email:

Let's make 'Creating Bright Futures - Empowering The Youth' happen

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