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Community Narrow Boat Project. Updated Progress

by Anthony Barrett in London, England, United Kingdom

Having helped local homeless people for many years by buying food, writing letters, arranging clothes and somewhere to wash I would like to do something more. I have tried for many years to fund an off-grid canal boat that low income families and homeless people can take turns to use. 

I originally worked on a large project and was to be given support and funding for my first project boat, but the owner of the company failed to honour his agreement. So I ended up working for free. I have saved £1000 over the past year but its taking so long and a friend said I might be worth asking for crowd funding as its for a good cause. With your help i would like to build a Eco friendly of grid free running boat, to use for day trips, weekend and week log vacations for those who wouldn't otherwise get the chance.(if suitable criteria met).

It has been my wish to work on a totally off grid project boat while teaching repair skills in every aspect of the project.  I aim to use the boat between Ealing & Paddington with moorings somewhere near. The government have no avenues I can follow and I am starting to feel a little defeated which is not like me. 

Any help would be appreciated, even if its a temporary loan a mooring in London or an old narrow boat hull that needs saving. If you would like to sponsor the boat & have your logo displayed even better as the boat will be one of a kind and totally self sufficient, using ideas and skills never used on a river/canal boat. 

All workshop training is provided by myself as well as a few skilled friends from various building and power tool companies, who will be putting in time free of charge to help the me.

Oh and like i said the boat runs on Zero emissions and completely off grid, which was quite expensive but i have already sourced and stored away.

Thank you.

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