Community library for children in Rwanda-Africa

Community library for children in Rwanda-Africa

Buying books for community mini library for children in Rwanda-Africa

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Buying books for community mini library for children in Rwanda-Africa.

St Annibale learning center is a community childcare and preschool located in Kabeza, Rwanda. It has recently launched the project of supporting early literacy in Rwandan children. They want to encourage the reading culture in young children and they started the reading program as a story hour to happen in after school hours for all children who live near by the school. There are between 50-100 children aged below  8 years old who came everyday for an hour of reading. This is the first  project of its kind and it is expected to bring much better returns to Rwandan education. As a teacher of that school I would like to call upon everyone to kindly support this project. I am crowdfunding on behalf of the school so that they can buy the books to set up a mini library and support that reading project. Our target is to buy 3000 books to put in that library and the children will have a free access to that library. Now they have 100  books and their target is to have all 3000 books by end 2017 for the smooth running of the reading project and they will expand the access so that other children from other nearer communities can come to read in that library. The school have given a free room which will serve as a mini library for children. They believe that educating young children start from the community and families and that reading is the powerful tool and foundation to a better education.

I kindly request your help and support in this journey!

Thank you in advance.