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by Anderson W James in Burnley, England, United Kingdom


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The aim is to save our elderly and disabled relatives and friends from the hardship of winter and from the possibility of illness and Dying

by Anderson W James in Burnley, England, United Kingdom


Disabled and Elderly Plumbing and Heating Emergency Response

There are thousands of elderly and disabled people in our country and communities that suffer in silence because they are either too proud or too scared to ask for help when it comes to their Plumbing and Heating repairs.

The elderly especially go without heating and hot water for a long time because they do not have the funds available to pay for the repairs, that is were we can help with the FREE service that will allow them to feel safe, knowing that there is somebody that they can call when it is needed without the worry of cost.

The problem is becoming a lot bigger and is effecting families of the elderly and disabled, because they help towards the cost of the repairs and then are left short of funding to pay their own bills. Your donations would not only help them and keep then alive in dangerous situations, it would also take away the worry from yourself knowing that any emergencies were taken care of, if ever they were needed.

We have been delivering the service for 2 years now and have helped over 2300 elderly and disabled people in the communities, from water leaks to gas leaks and carbon monoxide issues also broken gas appliances and heating or hot water breakdowns.

The funds are used to enable us to reach the elderly and disabled, delivering a service that is fully paid for so the savings can be used to buy food and medication, gas and electricity. The impact is massive on all that we visit and help, turning the tears to a smile every time.

If we do have any extra funding from the initiative we help the local community kitchen with food and clothes, we have donated £300.00 worth of food and £175.00 worth of clothes to the community kitchen so far and done all of their plumbing repairs FREE of charge to help them deliver the great service they provide for us all.

We are connected to real people in real situations daily during the summer but in winter time the calls grow massively from the elderly and disabled, all they want is to be safe and comfortable in their home.

I cannot say more than i am the amount of people that this effects in your towns and cities, the stories you hear on the news are only less than 0.01% of the real issues that are invisible, we see and hear the problems and only with your help can we save the elderly and disabled from a time or situation they should not have to endure.

You can visit these people and listen to their stories and see first hand the situations they are living with, contact myself and i can arrange for you to come with us on any chosen day in winter, you will be amazed as well as shocked at the impact this initiative makes, it may even make you cry a tear.

We are Depher CIC and we care

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