Nothin 2 do

Project by Barry curtis
Nothin 2 do

Giving children a warm safe place to chat, play video games have fun where their parents know where they are and aren't roaming the streets

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

We have a vision to give the children what we remember we wanted at their age. Somewhere warm to go, somewhere fun to play games or even consoles that our parents couldn't buy us. 

We are wanting to lower the amount of young people who are being targeted by temptation of drugs and alcohol and even dealing drugs. At the age of 13 we are finding them to have been approached and groomed by an adult to deal drugs to their friends taking their childhood away from them at such an impressionable age. 

Maybe giving them a skate park isnt enough now? We are in an era that is full of technology, bombarded with consoles. We want to give these local children a safe warm place to be where their parents know where they are and knowing that they are safe.

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