Community Action: MK Community Car Service

Community Action: MK Community Car Service

Help us fund the expansion of a Community Car Service in MK providing transport for vulnerable community members to access services.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

We are a pilot Community Car Service in Milton Keynes that works with Volunteer Drivers to provide safe and reliable transportation for older and vulnerable members of the community who struggle to use public transport, to help them access a range of medical services or social care visits.

In a short space of time we have built up a successful service with regular passengers, a group of committed volunteer drivers and proven there is a significant need for this type of service in Milton Keynes especially as the population is growing and getting older. 

We would like to expand the current project to take more passengers from other estates across Milton Keynes including rural areas, so allowing passengers to maintain some independence, reduce isolation and increase health & wellbeing.  As a regular passenger describes “I saw an advert in the Parish Council newsletter for the Community Car Service and we needed help getting to hospital appointments so thought we would give them a ring and haven’t looked back. Since then they have been a godsend, we can ring them up with our journey details and then leave it up to them to sort out, it takes away the worry of how to get to places. We are so pleased we decided to ring them, the staff and drivers are really helpful and we couldn’t do it without them!”

The Volunteer drivers themselves also feel this is an invaluable service for people who may struggle with use of /access to /cost of public transport and are committed to helping passengers. As Volunteer driver Geoff explains “My volunteer driver role makes me feel as if I am helping another human being who otherwise may have varying problems in reaching destinations. Being disabled myself I understand the pitfalls and mobility challenges that can arise for some sectors of the community. I feel I can provide a total commitment to service users inasmuch as I do it because I want to. I enjoy helping others on a voluntary basis, meeting different people and it has helped me to understand the various difficulties some people have to contend with.”

The Community Car service is looking for additional drivers and is very flexible; volunteer drivers can commit to as much or as little time as they want to.  Support, disclosure & barring checks and training are also provided. If you or someone you know may be interested in using the Community Car service or becoming a volunteer driver please contact either Laura Jeffrey or Tracy Whitmore on 01908 670309 or email