Crowdfunder Capital

Build back better, greener, fairer

Community Capital is our new partnership with Triodos Bank which allows organisations to raise the funds they need (£200,000 or more) through local and national supporters. The programme utilises blended finance, including patient capital, debt, community shares, reward based crowdfunding and grant funding. 

Please note all funding will include repayable finance (debt or community shares) and so the organisation must consider how it will repay that. This programme will include investment readiness support and help with market engagement provided by Triodos and Crowdfunder – management teams should be prepared to commit time to this process and the due diligence work required.

To qualify for the programme you need

Start crowdfunding

To be looking to raise between £200,000 and £1 million in investment.

Start crowdfunding

To be a charity, a company limited by guarantee, a CIC, CIO, co-op or a Community Benefit Society.

Start crowdfunding

To be connected to your local area, in order to really engage your supporters through the fund raising.

If you can answer yes to all the above, then please complete the form below

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Registration number(s)

Please provide your company, charity or other registration number(s).

Short description of what your organisation does (150 words)

Including: what the service you provide is, who the beneficiaries and users are, how you generate income and how you would repay the repayable finance.

How much investment do you need from Community Capital?

Note, the majority of this investment will be as repayable finance.

What is the investment needed for? (50 words)

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