Community bread oven Project

by The Clay Team in Jarrow, England, United Kingdom

Community bread oven Project
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To raise funds for a community bread oven in South Tyneside. Bringing together all members of the community to promote health and wellbeing.

by The Clay Team in Jarrow, England, United Kingdom

A little about us!

We are raising money to help build our first community bread oven in South Tyneside. As a group of socially minded potters, we got together in August this year to set up The Clay Team to do pottery and clay workshops and projects in the North East with all sorts of groups of people. One of our first projects is to build a community bread oven in our local area. If we raise our target funds, this will pay for materials, labour and the first public event. This is us...


The oven...

The bread oven will be wood fired and all members of the community will be able to hire the oven for a small cost (to cover wood and upkeep of oven). 


The making of the oven...

Over the course of a fortnight, members of the Clay Team will work with local community groups, schools and community led organisations to clear the site, build a brick base, build a clay and sand oven then cover with a simple wooden roof. The work will take place during the week and also on weekends so that all members of the community have a chance to get involved. The oven has a brick base, filled with rubble, then an insulating layer of glass bottles (usually wine bottles donated by a local pub) then a layer of heat bricks to use as the base of the oven. The walls will then be built from a clay and sad mixture, then another insulation layer of clay and straw willbe put over the top. It's finished with a lime render to give it a white finish and to seal it from the elements yet still leave it breathable. We then build a very simple wooden roof to keep the rain off. The oven will be situated in a lockable area to stop vandalism and unauthorised use.


We will invite local schools to take part in the hope that the students will take pride in what they've helped to achieve and respect their local area and community. We will also work with local ethnic minority groups to learn about their cultures of bread making and swap recipes and ideas.

The idea of this project is to involve as many people from all areas of the comunity as possible. People will  be helping to build the oven, to learn new skills, do physical exercise, interact with other members of the community and improve their social skills. Then when teh oven is built, there could be events such as school outings, private parties, street parties, fundraisers, community bread making sessions and children's bread making sessions all taking part in the use of the oven. 

Vunerable older people will also benefit as they will have the chance to socialise and eat a healthy meal. Everyone's health will benefit from spending time outdoors breathing fresh air and meeting new friends.

We've devised some lush rewards if you'd like to donate. See the pics below for a couple of examples!

Mandala pendants

Wall mounted cat planter...


Mug design at greenware stage...


Tree hanging bird feeder...


Mug design number two!...


Thanks so much for supporting us and our local community!


This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

£20 or more

0 of 30 claimed

£20 Limited edition mug

For £20 donation you will receive one of our limited edition mugs. Glazed in a gorgeous denim blue coloured glossy glaze, your mug will be food safe, microwave safe, dishwasher safe and oven proof! We will number each of the mugs 1-50 and stamp a small thank you on the bottom from the bottom (of our hearts!) You will also get a thank you on our thank you page on our website!

£1 or more

£1 donation

Donate £1 and you'll get a thank you on our thank you page on our website!

£5 or more

0 of 100 claimed

£5 Ceramic badge

For £5 you’ll receive a small Ceramic badge and a thank you on the thank you page of our website

£10 or more

0 of 40 claimed

£10 Reward

For £10 you will receive a hand stamped blue ceramic mandala pendant on a leatherette cord and a thank you on our thank you page on our website.

£30 or more

0 of 6 claimed

Ceramic cat head wall planter

Cat wall planter approx size 200mm x 150mm. Press moulded from a hand made original mould based on our pet cat! Glazed using a bronze/black/brown stoneware glaze. Suitable for outdoor use. Before planting up, line with a bubblewrap to help prevent frost damage.

£30 or more

0 of 4 claimed

Leaf bird feeder

Hanging leaf bird feeder. Looks lush hanging in a tree in your garden! Made from stoneware clay, it's suitable for outdoor use and it'll be glazed in the gorgeous denim, floating blue glaze. It's been moulded on leaves collected from our gardens.

£200 or more

0 of 5 claimed

£200 half day Pottery workshop for up to 6 people

For £200 you get a half day session at our workshop in Jarrow. For 3 hours in the morning or afternoon, you’ll each get to build a slab pot and have a go on the potters wheel. The session is valid until end of June 2019 and can be used on weekends only. Session is valid for up to 6 people, participants must be aged 16 plus You will also get a thank you on our thank you page on our website!

£800 or more

0 of 2 claimed

school or community group full day workshop

For an £800 donation, you will receive a full days workshop with 2 members of the Clay Team for up to 60 people (in 4 groups of 15 people for 1.5 hours each) making bowls or mugs. We will travel to your group within a 10 mile radius of Jarrow 9NE323HR). We bring everything you need then bring the pots back about 4 weeks later all glazed, fod safe/microwave safe, dishwasher safe. Suitable for ages 10 years plus.

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