A Non Profit Gym with a BIG Dream

by Dan in Bexhill On Sea, England, United Kingdom

We did it
On 17th March 2018 we successfully raised £200 with 2 supporters in 42 days

To take the best non-profit gym in Sussex to new heights by adding Rehabilitation classes and new equipment for our community.

by Dan in Bexhill On Sea, England, United Kingdom

So your probably wondering why a gym that’s already established is looking for some help?

Well...we are slightly different to most gyms as we are completely non profit. Meaning that everything in our gym is either paid for by the owners or the money from the memberships go straight back into the gym for simple things like toilet rolls right up to Kettle Bells and Medicine Balls.

So Why Non Profit?

We wanted to create a functional fitness gym where everyone could come and train without having to pay the exorbitant prices that the surrounding gyms charge. Therefore providing the health benefits of fitness to those who otherwise might not be able to afford it.  We also wanted to create a community where you could walk in and instantly feel like your part of the family. A place where the last person to finish a workout gets the biggest round of applause. A place where no matter what shape or size you are, whether your an athlete or you’ve never trained in your life, you would walk out of the gym feeling strong, confident and healthier. 

We called ourselves Project Novo Fitness. Novo being the latin meaning "of new" or new beginnings, as this is what we aim to provide our members, a gym where they can come and get fitter and healthier by utilising functional movements to improve their activity levels in everyday life.

Why do we need funding?

Rehabilitation Classes

We all know how much our National Health Service is under pressure to provide Army Veterans, Policeman and Police women, Firefighters and Ambulance Staff the proper care they deserve if they are injured during their line of duty. We at Project Novo would like to help with this by providing affordable rehabilitation courses to those who really need it. We would do this by attaching ourselves to the surrounding out patient clinics and Dr Surgeries where they could be referred to us for Physical Therapy.  

Why do we need more equipment?

From day one we have always kept our memberships at  a very low cost which has meant that buying bigger equipment like a functional rig (see pic below), extra barbells, more weight, etc.  is just impossible as all of these items cost a lot of money and unfortunately we don't make enough to do that.

As our classes get busier we need a bigger and more substantial rig. The one we have right now we actually built with our own hands (see pic below), this has served us well  but unfortunately it’s struggling to stay together with the amount of use that it gets and if we’re honest it’s just not big enough, especially as we now have members over 6 foot who are too tall to use it safely.  We also need more Barbells and weight as our members are having to share in class as we don’t have enough for everyone which can sometimes be difficult especially if the workout includes Barbells .

The BIG Picture

As we previously mentioned any money we get from the memberships goes straight back into the gym. We have to be very careful to ensure that it is spent wisely with the thought of our members at the forefront of our minds. With that said  it would be absolutely amazing for us if we could raise £6000 as we would be able to do so much with the new equipment and look at new ways of offering more to our members.

Currently we have 3 out of a possible 8 owners who are also coaches but with any extra money we could send another owner away to become qualified which would mean we could offer more classes throughout the week allowing for the opportunity to expand our timetable and increase our membership base.

With the money raised we would like to run Rehabilitation sessions specially catered for Army personnel who have been injured whilst on tour. These rehabilitation sessions would also be offered to all of the U.K's government services as well as regular civilians.

Examples of Costs:

£4000 for a functional rig big enough to handle an entire class working out on it.

£130 for just one weightlifting barbell 

150KG of weight £300

Medicine Balls 9KG £60 each

Set of Dumbbells £500

To become a Qualified Coach £800 pp

Advertising for Rehibilitation Sessions On-Going Cost

Advertising On-Going Cost

Thank You from all of us at Project Novo for taking the time to read about our Big Dream and Thank You in Advance for your Donation.

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