Community Ambassadors Celebration

by Community Ambassadors Celebration in Enfield, England, United Kingdom

Community Ambassadors Celebration
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Creating awareness of art and community to create a community brand of social cohesion in the areas where the lack of funding stopped.

by Community Ambassadors Celebration in Enfield, England, United Kingdom

First, I would like to thank you all, for taking your time to help and promote the rewards of others.
Ambassadors of our communities are very important and play a vital role in our societies today.
I want to surprise some of our ambassadors in our local communities for donating endless of hard worked hours without expecting anything in return.
They just want to see the changes in the community and the passion for them is to serve our cities.
This has touched my heart and I would like to reward several people with bespoke trophies engraved with their names on the plaque as a memorial presentation of good works as well as other gifts.
My name is Remi and I have work in the charity sector most of my life
and believe in rewarding people for their voluntary services and hard work.
These people have sacrificed a lot in life and have given up a lot for others to succeed in life.
Remi would like to remember and share the follow up with the celebration of ambassadors made for this generation.
These ambassadors have been the pillars of our communities and
have fought every cause that has come their way.
Please, can you express your love with a little help?
This will go a long way when we all come together from all nationalities by donating whatever you have to give.
Thank you once again for your generosity.
You will be greatly remembered for this act of kindness and please can you share this with others.

Thank you for reading


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Community Ambassadors' Memorable plaque

You will received a personalised name grave plaque with your name on it.

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