Communities Art of Life

by Anastasia Fox in Birmingham, England, United Kingdom

Communities Art of Life


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Bringing together different ethnic minorities and to introduce values and lifestyle. To be aware of the History and influences

by Anastasia Fox in Birmingham, England, United Kingdom

I was born in Latvia in the Soviet Union times, I had nonfunctional family where was involved a lot of violence, alcohol, mental, physical and sexual abuse.  Life for me as a child was unsafe unpleasant and I all time looking for any opportunity do not return home 

 I gym was my escape which became my place of peace and work out my anger what I felt and experience at home. It was my way to the Moscow Olympic Games. 

I am farmer Olympic Athlete, it was a great achievement and experience. I learned mental and physical strength, resilience and many more skills and techniques. I achieved many different kinds of goals in my life,  and I did well until my body and mental health collapsed bit more than 4 years ago due Unfair grocery dismissal at work.

I paying now high prize being Olympic athlete in my childhood with Physical and mental health.

Last 4 years time I had many challenges and lots of recognition of myself and communities we all live in. 

I'm so privileged living in United Kingdom with so many different communities together. This brings unique opportunities to learn from all of them and see that we all have the same issues and needs no matter where you are coming from and become my Passion after all - bring Communities Together. Therefore September  I organise Project - Communities Art of Life 

Let's make 'Communities Art of Life' happen

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