Common Senses

Common Senses

1/6 people suffer with their hearing, This short film raises awareness for that. What would be the last thing you would want to hear?

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The world around us has so much to offer, people with so many stories, different experiences and interests, to me there is no better inspiration than the feelings of others. I am an aspiring film maker who focuses my film making around real life stories inspired by real people who have disadvantages in their life. I want to tell stories that matter and create visuals that truly represent emotion and reality.  My work critically looks at social and cultural issues and the opinions of people evolved in these situations. It Is personal to me about how audiences feel about people in disadvantaged backgrounds and how they are represented, it is my aim to make opinions change and get across the circumstances and situations of others in a positive but truthful way.

I am currently creating a short film exploring hearing difficulties. A young man named George suddenly loses his hearing and doesn't know how to cope. 

1 in 6 million people in the UK alone struggle with hearing or are comepletely deaf. There is plenty of help available for people who do struggle with their hearing and I want to raise awareness about the topic. This topic is personal to me and I feel more people need to know about the issue. People can use their hearing at any age and you won't know what your'e missing until it's gone.

What would be the last thing you would want to hear?


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