commercial plastic upcycling

by in Rhuallt, Wales, United Kingdom

commercial plastic upcycling
Not quite
Unfortunately this project was not successful.

to expand grow and save plastic going to landfill and also generate funds to save more

by in Rhuallt, Wales, United Kingdom

I have started this business about a year ago.

I collect plastic waste from approved bodyshops currently have about 8 or ten signed up.

plastic waste in form of damaged bumbers,headlights,mudgurads,undertrays etc.

we have international buyers from france Italy and Poland that buy more than half of the waste direct as they are.

this way we save more than 55 percent of the waste going to landfill.

this waste gets reused on other cars abroad and doesnt go to waste.

currently I am a one man team so I sign up,collect and process everything by myself.

I have a success rate of 95 percent which means I basically sign up every bodyshop that I visit.

as I have started this business from nothing I currently try not to expand too fast as I wont be able to cope

with some funds I am hoping to purchase some recycling machinery and employ 1 or two people so I can concentrate on signing up more vehicle repair bodyshops.

this business strategy is a win saves plastic going to landfill and it generates money.

all bodyshops receive duty of care reports and get notified of how much they have recycled

its a no brainer for the automotive industry

so I hope you understand the business and be grateful if you could help me

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