Commercial pilot training

by Colin S Woodard in Southend On Sea, England, United Kingdom

Commercial pilot training
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To complete my commercial pilot training by May 2020 which includes: Flight hour building - 50% complete Commercial ME/IR APS MCC JOC

by Colin S Woodard in Southend On Sea, England, United Kingdom

After 20 years working for the National Health Service in surgery I decided to pursue my life-long ambition of becoming a commercial pilot.  In November 2018 I took a career break and began the journey by gaining my private pilot licence.  Since the beginning of the year I have been studying for the theory exams for the Airline Transport Pilot licence.  There are 14 of these and I have passed six in May with an average pass mark of 82.5%.  I am currently working toward the next 5 and plan to take these in October this year.  Following these five there are a further three exams to take and I would like to complete them before the end of 2019.

Whilst studying I am also building my flying hours (100 required for the commercial licence) and have got about 50 this far.  The next stage will be the commercial licence training which I aim to start in January next year.  The last aspect of flight training required is the Multiple-engine/Instrument Rating which see myself starting in March next year.

There is one more requirement of the airlines and that is the Jet Orientation Course/Multi-Crew Co-operation Course which I would like also to achieve before May next year.  Once this is complete I will start to loo for employment with the airlines.

More about me and why I'm where I am now:

I am 38 years old, married with two daughters both under the age of 11.  I left home at 17 after a turbulent period living with my mother.  I felt that the odds were stacked against me becoming a pilot and decided to concentrate my efforts on getting employment and developing myself.  I dropped out of my A-levels as I couldn't work and learn well enough to do them justice.  I had been in St. John Ambulance for 6 years already and continued this when I could but most importantly it helped me to get a job with professional training in the health sector.  I trained to become an Operating Department Practitioner and qualified in 2001.  In this role I assisted the anaesthetist in the operating theatres.  I was also trained to assist in surgery - something I really enjoyed doing.

By 2008 I was looking to develop myself further and trained to become a Surgical Care Practitioner in Cardiothoracic Surgery, a job which involved performing a limited number of surgical procedures on behalf of the consultant surgeon, reviewing patients pre and post surgery on the ward as well as in the outpatient department.

I am keen road cyclist and commuted to work each day, a round trip of nearly 25 miles.  One morning i fell from my bike, broke my left clavicle, two ribs and hit my head quite badly.  I was off work for some time and when I finally returned I realised that I was now ready to give up the professional life I had built and pursue my dream.  I was lucky that my wife is so supportive of this choice!

I got my class one medical (a requirement for the training) immediately to ensure that there would be no health issues that would prevent me from getting my Airline Transport Pilot Licence.  I don't smoke and only drink alcohol occasionally.

I am looking for any donations that anyone is prepared to give to help me achieve my goal.  Thank you for taking the time to read this


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