Commercial Management Software

In 2016 law was passed giving individuals the "right to build" their own home, we aim to reach these people and facilitate their dreams.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

On 31st October 2016 new legislation came into force establishing the right of individuals to build their own home, this potentially game changing scheme means that councils will now have a duty to grant planning permission for sufficient serviced plots to meet demand.

This means that individuals are now in a posisiton to request local authorities to release more plots and make available to them for their self build, therefore more self builders than ever will now be in a position to build their own home in the years to come.

However, if you take the time to read many of the threads available within the popular self build forums in relation to "building costs", and you will soon discover that modern "self builders" seem to have accepted that building costs will most often than not be higher than the ultimate value of their property once complete, in what back to front world do we invest our hard earned time and effort into a self build project only to find that cost ultimately outweighs resultant value?

We have developed software and commercial support services designed to facilitate the build process for these novice self builders, and ensure their projects are delivered at an affordable level in line with budget constraints. How contracts are procured means everything in the construction industry, we seek to expand this knowledge to the individual self builder making systems and techniques previously only used by industry professionals available to the individual.

We are seeking funding to help market our software product through self build exibitions as well as initial office setup etc, we have already financed the software build ourselves and just need a little help taking it to market!

Thanks for your help.