Jikoni gets Comfort & Joy ready for retail!

by Jikoni in London, England, United Kingdom

Jikoni gets Comfort & Joy ready for retail!


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We are adapting our business by pre-selling January brunches & dinners to help fund development of our vegetarian takeaway - Comfort & Joy.

by Jikoni in London, England, United Kingdom

New stretch target

Comfort & Joy is a postive business that is 100% vegetarian and vegan, donates a meal to the homeless and those in need via our partners NiskhamSWAT for every box sold and is cooked on renewable and carbon neutral energy and packaged in home compostable containers.

With extra funding we can take this transformative delivery to a wider audience with investment in new dish development, sales and marketing.

Lockdowns and upcoming Tier 2 and 3 closures can have an impact on our neighbourhood and independent business, so we are adapting...

After an incredible reception for "Comfort & Joy by Jikoni", our vegetarian & vegan socially positive delivery service, in the first lockdown, we now need your help to develop it for a wider audience.

In addition to the nourishing vegetarian and vegan menus wih flavours from around the world cultures we also cook at Jikoni, we designed Comfort & Joy with some regenerative and community focused values:

1. A meal donated to the vulnerable in the UK via our partners NiskhamSWAT for every box sold.

2. Home compostable packaging - no more plastic takeaway containers.

3. Cooked with green energy.

4. Using amazing local produce.

We are getting it ready so that other great and passionate food companies can stock Comfort & Joy and share the warmth and values we put into all our cooking.

We are investing in more compostable packaging, systems and training. Your support, by pre-purchasing brunches and dinners at Jikoni will help make that next step possible! Help us by "Paying it Forward".

Thank you 

Team Jikoni

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