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To create a business that will become an estate agency.

by Patrick Fry in London, England, United Kingdom

We are two property renovators . Our goal at first will be real estate, buying a house and renovating it to put back out on the market basically meaning we are realtors. We are already browsing our options and have been viewing properties. We have about five houses lined up and ready to purchase, all around the price of £210,000. Due to this fixed price we will NOT have to pay stamp duty on our first house. We both have a lot of experiences in different trades, six years to be exact. We've been working for my neighbour who is our role model. Johnny is a building surveyor who has been viewing properties with us giving us the thumbs up or down. If there is a problem with the house, if we are unsure Johnny will know. Things such as, Damp, electrics, plumbing, gutters.

At the start we will need to invest in a van. There are certain tools we do not have access to.

The funds that you help provide will go towards creating a building company. As the company grows this will then go on to give jobs to the younger generation. Comfort homes has many different roads that it could go down such as, our own estate agency, building company and will provide stable work for myself and partner. This will lead to us creating a limited partnership company.

The main benefit is that the Funding’s will make a bigger profit. It would be starting up the whole business. A mortgage would only mean taking out another after.
As we have already found the right property, if we want to purchase this it is important we proceed as soon as possible. We believe we have found a perfect deal with cubitt&west. So far cubitt&west have been the most helpful and keen to help.

I recently have met a good friend who has introduced me to this website. I never thought such a thing was possible. As many people say you need money to make money. Creating this company would be a dream come true not only for myself but for my partner too. To the many people that decide to put a deposit every penny counts and will be extremely grateful for.

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