Come Fly With Me

Come Fly With Me

My aim is to break down barriers by showing that you don't have to be from a privileged background to achieve. Please support if you agree!

We did it!

On 11th Aug 2017 we successfully raised £241 with 14 supporters in 56 days

Hello, my name is Jordon Owen. I’m not from an elite background where opportunities are prevalent, therefore I respectfully ask for your support in helping me to break down barriers, showing that ordinary young people with dreams of making a difference can be achieved. Take a journey with me to find out how you can help in becoming a 'Barrier Breaker'.

Why I am asking for your support

On the 14th March 1999, I was unexpectedly born to a 16-year old mother. My mum has shown me that if you have the right aptitude, dedication and commitment to work hard enough then you can be successful at anything, even when the odds of success are not exactly stacked in your favour. In addition to being a young full-time parent, my mum worked two jobs (one of which was unpaid voluntary work to help her gain experience), studied for a Bachelor's Degree and managed a house-hold without any family support. It is this same ethos that drives me to try and gain support from you today in my quest to prove and show other young people that anyone can and should aim high in life (quite literally in this case), even if you’re not from a privileged background. 

How can you help?

I aspire to become a Pilot, however, there is a common perception that careers such as this are out-of-reach for those who cannot afford to pay for the relevant training. I ask you to help me prove that passion, dedication and hard-work are valuable attributes that should not be undermined simply because I was not born in to a privileged background. I am gratefully asking you to make a pledge that will pay for the initial Private Pilot’s Licence (PPL) that is essential for any aspiring Pilot. I will have completed my A-Levels in just 3-weeks’, therefore aim to gain hands-on experience and knowledge before the end of this year so I can offer myself to prospective employers with a good starter-package whilst at a young age. 

Become a ‘Barrier Breaker’

I notice that many have tried before me to raise money through similar funding endeavours, however, none of them appear to have been successful. I will not let this deter me, as after the recent generosity of one man who selected me out of a pile of applications to offer a fully-paid scholarship for a 1-week gliding course, I therefore remain hopeful that there are others out there too that are just as kind. Invest in a young life today and reap the benefits tomorrow, as you never know, I could one day be policing the skies to provide the much needed protection of our country, or perhaps I could be your captain to a future holiday destination. Without funding support, none of these options are realistically possible as my student wage will not pay for such training. I want to overcome these barriers for myself and others in a similar situation but need your kind support to do this!   

Why part with your hard-earned money to support me?

I have been an Air Cadet for over 3-years. In this time, I have continually applied myself by becoming a fully integrated member of the ATC team where I have seized as many developmental, leadership and enrichment opportunities as possible. This has led to progression through the ranks as I have recently been promoted to the highest rank of 'Cadet Warrant Officer' where I am now responsible for passing on my knowledge and experience to other young cadets. I have demonstrated my ability to successfully combine academic studies with a part-time job, Air Cadet commitments, undertaking Bronze, Silver and Gold Duke of Edinburgh Awards (DofE), volunteering, charity fundraising activities and keeping myself in optimum health, where I regularly compete in a variety of sports and associated events. As a result, I have proudly achieved the following to-date, which I am hoping will persuade you that your money will be well invested in a good cause;


  • Nominated for the most highly coveted ‘Dacre Sword Award’ achieving 3rd in the region out of thousands of other Air Cadets from across the UK
  • Graduated from a 9-month ‘Junior Leaders Course’ which was the most physically and mentally challenging course undertaken thus-far
  • Achieved Solo Status in a Glider
  • Raised £250 for the ‘John Thornton Youth Achievers Foundation’ through a college raffle
  • Selected to represent the ATC in an over-seas International Air Cadet Exchange (IACE), Canada
  • Undertaking a Parachute Jump with the Red Devil PARA Regiment in support of the ‘Help for Hero’s Charity’ on 13th July, Nottingham 
  • Embarked on the completion of Gold DofE Award


  • Achieved the ‘Best Senior Non-Commissioned Officer (SNCO)’ accolade
  • Raised awareness of the ‘Help for Hero’s’ charity through undertaking 12-hours of voluntary work at one of the world’s most physically and mentally challenging sporting events known as ‘Tough Mudder’
  • Graduated from a 4-month ‘National Citizen Service (NCS)’ scheme where I further developed my leadership skills, undertook voluntary work, and raised £350 for the 'Adrian Derbyshire Fund’ in aid of a local young para-Olympian who sadly took her own life due to depression. This was raised at a local disability awareness day
  • Selected to represent the ATC in an over-seas military camp in Sennelager, Germany
  • Raised £250 for ‘Save the Children’ charity by completing a 45-mile sponsored bike-ride
  • Supported my squadron by volunteering weekends at multiple supermarket bag-packing fundraisers to raise money for the ATC organisation, enabling the purchase of new equiptment for local squadrons
  • Achieved 'Corps Blue Award’ – This is the highest national sporting award
  • Selected to represent the ATC in an over-seas camp at RAF Troodos, Cyprus
  • Successfully completed Silver DofE Award


  • Achieved excellent GCSE grades, all A’s + B’s
  • Awarded the ‘Best Sporting Cadet’ accolade
  • Achieved 'Super Blue Sporting Award’ – Awarded due to achieving x4 Wing Blue Awards in 1-year.
  • Achieved 'Regional Blue Award' in a Cross-country competition
  • Achieved 'Regional Blue Award' in a Football competition
  • Achieved 'Wing Status' in Athletics (regional/national level)
  • Achieved 'Wing Status' in Cross-country (regional/national level)
  • Achieved 'Wing Status' in Football (regional/national level)
  • Achieved 'Wing Status' in Rugby (regional/national level)
  • Successfully completed Bronze DofE Award


  • Selected to represent the ATC in an over-seas camp at RAF Akrotiri, Cyprus
  • Achieved the 'Regional Blue Award’ in a Cross-country competition
  • Achieved 'Wing Status' in Rugby (regional/national level

How much is needed to get started?

Below are the initial costs required to get me started with the first stage of Pilot training. If able to raise enough money, I plan to undertake training at the Aeros Flight Training Academy, Coventry, where I expect to remain until completion of the course, therefore I continue to save money earnt from my job to pay for the travel and accommodation.  

Please pledge a donation today to become a proud supporter of my cause of ‘Breaking Barriers’.

There are no such grants or bursaries for young people to access to help with training to become a Pilot, therefore making such careers almost out-of-reach for ordinary, hard-working people, as without your help there are no other funding avenues available. I aim to bridge this gap by raising awareness of our devisive culture, campaign for funding to enable careers such as this, and encourage young people to dream-big, aim-high and work-hard then anything is possible, irrespective of background / family bank-balance.  

A target of £13,266* has been set as this will allow me to gain a PPL with essential ratings, which is the first step in a journey to becoming a Pilot - click here to view the Aeros Price List.

PLEASE NOTE: All funds will be used for flight training irrespective of whether the target is met.

*Crowdfunder fees of 6% included. 

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