Come as You Please

Project by Rhys Griffin

Our aim is to be able to fund a film festival circuit, which would go towards a promotional and social media campaign.

We did it!

On 19th Mar 2018 we successfully raised £1,730 with 16 supporters in 49 days


A man finds himself at the mercy of a robber, threatening harm if he does not comply. Just one word can end this nightmare.

"Come As You Please" is a short film about a robbery set in a sex shop with a romantic twist! Proudly brought to you by Film and Moving Image Students at Norwich University of the Arts.

As a group of students preaching diversity and inclusivity, this LGBTQ sex positive story is one that we are really passionate about. Our story is about a loving couple celebrating their anniversary and putting effort into keeping things interesting, focusing on the belief that there is nothing wrong with being unconventional and taking risks.

How far have we come?

We are proud to announce that our short has already been filmed! The ideation process began in early December 2017. Working through Christmas and most of January with endless meetings and screen tests, we built up the script, cinematography, visual direction, production design, and graphics for this film. After a 5 hour drive from Norwich to Liverpool, our team commenced filming from the 22nd - 24th of January. We have now wrapped on principal photography and are diving into editing.

Where will your money go?

As students, our film was self-funded and our budget went into necessities such as travel, accommodation in Liverpool, props, equipment as well as cast and crew expenses. We are hoping to ease the stress on our wallets and working more hours in our part-time jobs as we buckle down during the forth-coming editing process. We will also be setting aside a fixed fund for submissions to film festivals and distribution.

The Come As You Please Team

Hello there, I am Shirmaine and I am the Director as well as one of the Producers on Come as You Please. Our short film is about a robbery set in a sex shop with a romantic twist! I want to tell a simple story about two people in a loving relationship, putting in the effort, trying something new together to simply, you know, keep things interesting. It'll leave you feeling a little dark and twisty yet warm and fuzzy on the inside. I’ve had the opportunity to work on a few TV and documentary projects, but this will be my directorial debut and I can’t wait to tell this tale. We also have an amazing team working on this project to bring you on one hell of an enticing experience!

I'm Sean and I'm the co-writer and co-production designer on this film. I enjoy the screenwriting and storybuilding process that comes with creating an original idea, so to be able to help create a film with such a unique premise excites me to no end! My goal as a writer is to bring to you a simple story that keeps you firmly gripped and leaves you satisfied by the end, while as a production designer I intend to build an extra layer of fascination upon the visual experience that a sex shop provides for so many. It's a genuine joy to work with this crew and I constantly find myself  amazed by the level of professionalism they bring to this film, on and off the film set. I can proudly say that this film is the most exciting project I've worked in and I'm thankful to have the opportunity to be a part of it.

Hello, my name is Alex Stedman and I'm the co-writer and one of the production designers of our short film. Ever since I was young, I've wanted to be an actor, writer and director. I adore creating stories and being apart of them. Now in my second year of studying "Film and Moving Image Production" at NUA, I intend to improve and challenge myself as a filmmaker. I'm excited about working on a funny, heartwarming and deceptive story set in a sex shop. This will enable me to learn more about scriptwriting and production designing and have a lovely and fun time whilst doing it. The crew are also some of the nicest and funniest people I could ever hope to meet and know. Together, we hope to create an entertaining and unique story with many unusual but engaging elements within the narrative structure.

Hi! I'm Colleen and I'll be your co-producer and cinematographer for Come as You Please. I am hoping to bring this film to life, allowing you to experience the emotions that our characters go through. Having worked on various live and scripted content, this short film will be my first time leading the camera department. I'm excited to be working with a great team to bring you our story!

Hi! My name is Ben, and I'm the editor for Come as you Please. Although I have been editing video content for over a decade, this will be my first time editing for a university project, and my first time working with such a talented and dedicated team. My aim is to bring all the pieces of our film together in post production and create a flowing narrative with vibrance, an uplifting tone, and an unexpected twist. I'm excited to help tell this touching story with our crew and two amazing actors, having seen everyone work so well together I know for sure our film will be a thrilling, heartfelt watch when it hits the screen and I can't wait for everyone to see our work.

Hi! I'm Rhys and I'll be your co-producer and sound designer for Come as You Please. I want the sound track and design to really grip the audience by their ears. This will
be my first time working on sound design for a film! So I’m excited to be playing around with the different sounds I can create to enhance the mood/tone of our film. My aim is to get the tone that matches and blends well with the visuals so as to bring you the most intriguing experience. I'm excited to be working with a great team to bring you our story!

Why Liverpool?

The lovely owners of Scandals Adult have been very accommodating to our filming requests and have been incredibly supportive of us and our short film. Their local family-run business was an absolute no-brainer when it came to choosing the right location, because we  believe that it immerses the audience and drives the story, so what better place than Scandals?

A Final Note,

As a team, we thank you for supporting us in this crowdfunding campaign and being involved in bringing a story to realisation.

We intend to fund our film through a film festival circuit to help our story reach a wider audience. We are hoping to raise £2000, and are sincerely grateful, as funding our campaign will enable these few new generation filmmakers to express themselves creatively and passionately.

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