#CombatRacism was set up to tackle racism on a local level by promoting actual facts about immigration throughout the London underground.

We did it!

On 29th Jul 2016 we successfully raised £1,500 of £500 target with 89 supporters in 21 days

New stretch target

Thanks for all the support guys!

We've met our initial target so going to keep pushing. The more money we collect the larger the campaign we can run, the more people we'll reach and the larger impact we will have!

Please keep sharing and donating. 

Many thanks!


Since the 2015 election and the recent brexit vote numbers of race related hate-crimes have exploded across Britain. #CombatRacism is a project set up to help tackle racism on a local level by promoting the actual facts about immigration and migrants living in England. Not only tackling the amount of mis-information perpetuated by politicians and right-wing newspapers, the idea of the campaign is to arm individuals with facts and statistics they can use in conversation on a personal level with people they know.


The idea is that once people are exposed to the facts if they then hear a friend or loved one say something like, "I read in the newspaper that most migrants are on benefits" they can be corrected by citing facts from peer-reviewed academic journals and the office of national statistics. For example, "The Official for National Statistics shows that only 5.9% of Job Seekers Allowance was spent on EU migrants, representing 0.02% of the governments total expenditure  for 2014/2015."


The idea is help individuals tackle xenophobia and racism on a personal level with work friends down the pub or at a family gathering. If someone says something unsavoury you can combat them with words encouraging them to rethink their position or their source of information.The London Underground is frequented by almost 3.5 million people every day.  


We are trying to raise £500 to pay for 10 adverts in London tube carriages giving people the real information about the economic contributions migrants make in the UK.


Please share and donate.If anyone is a graphic designer or has friends who work in advertising who fancy helping the campaign please get in touch.


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