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Combating Conflict during Covid-19 and beyond

by Nick Handley in Horsham, England, United Kingdom


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The pandemic has seen in a dramatic increased in our workload. Meanwhile our funding has shrunk. With your help we can ride the storm.

by Nick Handley in Horsham, England, United Kingdom

WSMS is a volunteer driven charity. We change lives for the better by helping to resolve conflicts and disputes through the use of mediation. We have a great team of volunteer mediators who work in pairs and serve their local communities, in their own time. We see year on year growth in terms of referrals. Covid-19 has added hugely to our work pressure. To keep up with demand and to be able to react to cases in a timely fashion, before things escalate, we need to increase our paid staff hours. A lot of work is carried out in the background before cases are allocated to our skilled volunteer mediators. This involves establishing contact with clients, enticing them to the mediation process, arranging visits and mediation sessions, keeping them engaged throughout and carrying out follow ups, post mediation. This is all labour intensive and time consuming. Staff costs is our major outgoing for the charity. Having said that all the staff are on modest remuneration - no fat cat salaries here! With your help we can pay to reemploy an experienced part-time caseworker or extend existing staff hours. This might not seem an exciting 'project' but it will have a significant effect on our capabilities and therefore the benefits that the public will see. It is not just the disputants in a case that benefit from our work, but the wider community also.

Let's make 'Combating Conflict during Covid-19 and beyond' happen

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