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Introduction of myself as a designer

I am a design student in Goldsmiths, University of London.

I am a multidisciplinary designer, I mainly work with concept design projects that can associate with various kinds of design from graphic design to visual design.

I am participating in the BA DESIGN DEGREE SHOW at Old Truman Brewery ( Shoreditch, 91 Brick Ln, London E1 6QR ) from the 16th of June to the 19th of June.

Come try the prototype of the actual app and find out more about the app!

find more about the app on instagram @colourcatcherofficial

find more about me as a designer at

Introduction for the project

 This app will be a companion 

on your everyday walking journey everyday

Make your walks more valuable

Be curious and have fun 


       Colour Catcher is a design project that promotes the notion of psychogeography while utilising colour as a medium to open new way of experiencing every day.

       Guy Debord, who first invented the term ‘psycho-geography,’ aimed to open people’s eyes in order to restructure the meaning of true life. Just like his notion, the app uses psycho-geography as a tool to encourage people to carefully see the colours around us, which are powerful enough to change our moods everyday. When we compare the eye movements of adults and children while walking, we can easily notice that adults tend to show limited eye movements - mostly because of smartphones.


        Although we are aware of the fact that colours can be highly influential, we tend to take them for granted. The app attempts to break such custom and offers new social and spatial experience with colours.

Instruction of the app


        In order to allow the user to take a look around the surrounding colours, it sends notification in certain location and asks to find the colour provided by moving the phone around. 

When the user finds the colour, it automatically takes a photo and saves into an archive with all the information about the colour, while displaying what others have found at your location as well.

watch the instructional video to explore more! 

Design concept

        The app becomes the bridge between the digital world inside smartphone and the real world full of colours, so that it can lessen the strangeness of the concept and naturally induce them to see more around instead of looking at smart phones only while walking.

        The app will provide an interactive interface to people who do not pay much attention to surroundings to understand the notion of psychogeography in an easy and fun way.

        By arranging fund by crowd funding, I would develop the prototype of the app into fully working app, integrating social sharing function where users can share their journey and colours collected in order to publicize the notion of psychogeography worldwide by hiring an app developer.


        Instead of using design as a tool to manipulate and blind people just for profit making reason, I would like to utilise design that can make better changes to our society, as I learned that the potential of design is endless, misuse of design can paralyse people from rational thinking as proven by the design of retail spaces lurking around us days and nights.


As I am just a design student,

I need budget to work with a profeesional technician who can bring this app to reality

and to promote the app to make it viral ! 

find more about the app on instagram @colourcatcherofficial

find more about me at

 Thank you !

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