Collett Caravans

by Spencer Collett in Truro, England, United Kingdom

Collett Caravans


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My goal is start my own business building caravans fit for the modern age. Goodbye grans old cushions, hello sleek, stylish and comfortable.

by Spencer Collett in Truro, England, United Kingdom

Caravans are still living in the past. The basic design hasn't changed for Decades. One piece fibreglass body with a few odd sized windows thrown in here and there. Don’t even get me started on the interiors.

The aim of Collett Caravans is to use modern materials to cleverly shape a new style of caravan that will stand out from the crowd in many ways.


The most striking difference will be the full length panoramic roof, which will bring in ample lighting and provide spectacular views.


Like many larger caravans it will have all of your essential comforts and conveniences. This is to include: lounge seating, dining table, kitchen with oven, hob, fridge freezer, storage space, bathroom with toilet, sink, hot shower and bedroom with a king size bed and desk.


But why is this better than whats currently on the market? Simple. Weight! Your average caravan containing this array of equipment and comfort weighs upwards of 1300kg. This means you need both a towing licence and a suitable towing vehicle to be able to safely and legally tow your caravan. At Collett Caravans we will be producing this at only 750kg. Thats right, that means anyone can tow it with a basic driving licence and with almost any vehicle. This is thanks to smart weight saving design  

For those of you driving high end or performance cars, our caravan will not be out of place when towed behind your vehicle. The sleek and stylish design will blend right in.


With the side walls available in a near endless range of colours and patterns, we can match your individual preferences.

The money raised will be used to rent a workshop and outfit it with the tools required to assemble the caravans. It will also allow me to hire staff who will be vital in the production process. The remaining money will be spent producing the first few caravans for demonstration and sale.


This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

£25 or more

Posters and demonstrator tour

As a thank you for donating £25 we will Send you posters of our completed design fully rendered. We will also invite you for our demonstrator unveiling and tour

£10 or more

Fully Rendered Posters

As a thank you for donating £10 we will send you posters of our completed design fully rendered

£250 or more

1 night away

For donating £250 you will be able to take our demonstrator model for a night away once a year for three years

£500 or more

2 nights away and a bottle of Prosecco

For donating £500 you will get our demonstrator caravan and a bottle of Prosecco for 2 nights away once a year for three years

£2,000 or more

6 nights and plot

For donating £2000 you can take our demonstrator caravan for 6 nights away and your camp site fee will be covered once a year for three years

Let's make 'Collett Caravans' happen

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