Help me get a macbook for college

Help me get a macbook for college

The aim of the project is to get a MacBook for my college work

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

Hello! I am James a soon to be a college student. I have started this project to try and crowdfund a MacBook for my college work. 

I will start off telling you why I would like a Macbook. As of my current time in school, I cannot work to put money towards a MacBook for my college work. I am about to do my GCSE exams and have to dedicate my time to revision. As much as I don't like it, I must do it to achieve the best results I am capable of doing. Now you could also raise the question: Why don't your parents help you out with money? I am sad to say that my family is not all that rich, instead we live in a small house and money is tight. All of the money my parents make is put towards food and bills, with an odd leisure purchase, because of this as harsh as it must sound my parents cannot afford to put enough money forward for a MacBook. As of why I am asking you people to help, I know that there are a lot of generous people out there that would be willing to help me

You may say that I could purchase a cheaper college computer instead of causing strain on my parents paychecks, to that I say I would like to have an attempt at coding mac applications, as it seems like a cleaner market to go into, however if it fails I would still have a great daily driver for my school work, of which will be the primary use of the MacBook. I plan on using it for note taking to ensure my peak in performance. (My handwriting is quite slow compared to my typing abilities.

Overall, the Macbook I would be purchasing would be purely for my college work and coding Mac applications. All I ask from you is a small bit of generosity from the bottom of your heart. Thank you :D