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We did it
On 22nd March 2017 we successfully raised £3,575 with 210 supporters in 21 days

We aim to bypass the media bias surrounding Jeremy Corbyn's Labour and get the real message out there. Raising funds for advertising,

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New stretch target

The more you can give, the more we can do!

Thanks to your generosity we can share Jeremy Corbyn's vision for Labour with more voters in more places.

If we exceed our initial target we will spend the extra money on bigger, more ambitious campaign strategies with a regional, possibly even national reach.

By being part of this campaign, we are all proving to ourselves that it is still possible to make great things happen. There are still loads of us who are on side who understand what an amazing opportunity Jeremy's position within the Labour party affords us all.

Collective Voice is a group of ordinary Labour supporters who all share Jeremy Corbyn's vision for the future.

With another Parliamentary Labour party coup reportedly underway, it's now down to the ordinary grassroots Labour members to get the real message out. Some people are losing faith because they do not hear about the great changes and successes Labour is achieving, opposing the damaging Tory policies in both Parliament and in the wider community, under Jeremy Corbyn.

We have to act NOW and we have to use bigger, bolder and more ambitious methods to reach the people who feel left behind and disillusioned. We are raising funds to install billboards, bus stop advertising and flyers in marginal seats making it very clear what Labour under the leadership of Jeremy Corbyn will do in Government.

We need your help to garner support for Corbyn in voters who feel forgotten, to show them that there is hope.


This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

£1 or more

£1 Reward

Donate £1+ and you will be immortalised on our website's Thank You page, so everyone knows you helped make this happen!

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