Grading service for your collectibles

by Lukas Pavlik in Gloucester, England, United Kingdom

Grading service for your collectibles


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The first not just in the UK but world-wide community grading program for your collectables. Utilising the knowledge of 100 of collectors.

by Lukas Pavlik in Gloucester, England, United Kingdom

Hello fellow collectors, enthusiasts.

If you have ever been frustrated with the other grading companies for any reason,  but mostly that it takes them forever to grade your collectables or being too expensive, then look no further as I have an unique solution for you all.


The first community grading program. We as a community, we all posses the knowledge to objectively grade others collections. We have been all collecting for many years, going through thousands of Pokémon, Yu-Gi-Oh! cards, Comic books and others. We all know what perfect 10 should look like.

The only thing that we are missing at the moment is a fair tool to allow us to take our passion and our knowledge further.

The tool I am referring to is an application that allow us to process hundreds of cards in fraction of time that would take other grading companies to process the same volume. 

We will have the system of graders all around the word with the sufficient knowledge in their preferable area of their expertise, and as usual there will be 3 independent reviewers for each item. Obviously, you will be compensated for your time, so you can take your passion to the next level.

Perhaps you say that this all sounds nice, but how I am going to achieve that every item is graded accurately and fairly.

Well, let me introduce myself, except of being a long-time collector, I am also the software engineer with an expertise of designing, developing and providing solutions for many companies, such as NHS or bank societies. I know that this perhaps sounds boring, but the principal is the same, provides security, accurately asses data and provides the desirable outcome. 

With your help, we can all achieve almost unthinkable, to get our collectables to be graded by the best from our collectors` community for the fraction of time and money.

Thank you.


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