The Collar Bone application is a platform for revolutionizing the way men will design and purchase bespoke shirts.

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The Collar Bone application is a platform for revolutionizing the way men will design and purchase bespoke shirts. Collar Bone combines Fashion and Technology, to create and deliver an intuitive lifestyle brand for men.


Why are we designing the Collar Bone App?

The Collarbone App will be designed to:

  • Make it easier for men to create their own bespoke shirts from their smartphones or tablets, through easy, quick and detailed processes.
  • To help men who struggle to find the time to go out shopping or visit their tailors to create the perfect bespoke shirt with a vast range of Fabrics.
  • To enable our clients to have a great input and creativity in the creation of their shirts.
  • To Save time in designing with 5 easy steps and quick delivery within 14 days.

The fashion industry is rapidly changing the shopping habits of consumers, since majority of sales are made online. The Internet has made it more accessible for people to purchase various things from fashion to technology. This innovation is what will push the fashion industry into a new direction.

So how does it work?

Collarbone is a free downloadable app that allows individuals to create their own unique bespoke shirt through five easy steps. The app will have a clear and easy to use format that will help our cleints choose from various fabrics, fits, pockets, cuffs, plackets, buttons and collars without having to visit the traditional outlets of a bespoke tailor. Delivery to the customer will be within 14 working days, which is considerably faster than traditional bespoke retailers offering the same product. It is indeed a revolutionary app that is needed in the Fashion Industry.

There is a team of 3 behind the Collarbone App, with roles ranging from Fashion Design, Graphics and Operations who are working together to create this great and innovative product and service


What will we require Investment for?

We will require a starting investment to:

  • Create the App on an IOS and Android Platform.
  • Hire a Technical Team to manage everyday working of the application and orders (Front End and Back End)
  • Integrated Ad Campaign – We need to create a compelling advertising campaign that will help us achieve our objectives and reach our target audience. With this campaign we look to attract and sell our products and services to customers in the UK and across the globe. The advertising campaign should continuously raise our brand’s awareness. This campaign will be across Online and Mobile initially.
  • Producing Luxury Packaging
  • Producing Accessories – Labels, Tags, and Buttons etc.