Collaborative charity single

The aim of the project is to spread the idea of oneness and how we need to work together and take action to make positive change!

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I am passionate about music, serving others and spreading the message of oneness and positive  mindset, so I have decided to combine these passions into one big project! Many of us see the problems out there in the world and we often complain about them, but we don't take any action to make a change. We are all ENOUGH and  we all have the potential to achieve and do magnificent things. NOW is the time for action.....not tomorrow, not next year, but NOW!!! 

I am a singer and I have written a song for which I have a vision to make a collaborative charity single. The song spreads a positive revelation of our need for oneness and working together, and most importantly, love. I want to gather like minded singers and musicians to work in this project and create something wonderful, produce and record the song and a charity promotional video and have it released 2018 and find some significant performers in the music industry to come in on this! All profits of the single, video etc will be for charity  to carry out educational projects in Africa, saving and changing the lives of so many people!!!! 

I am so passionate about this and I believe that if we can all come together, we can all leave behind a significant foot print and if each of us take small steps in serving others, we can start to change the world around us. ❤️❤️❤️❤️????????????????????????⭐️

All I ask is that you make a small donation towards this project and have as much faith in it as I do., because many small donations can lead to something massive. So let's get this shared!!

As of course the song is not yet recorded, i can not provide an audio link, however I have provided a link to my YouTube channel which shows a little snippet of my singing work to date, with much more to follow very soon!! 

With Love, peace and happiness,

Thank you,  Aiméè !