To build a walk in Cold Store

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

Our business had grown hugely over the last three years , when we were based at Dartfresh we had the use of walk in cold  store fridges and now we have branched out to our new premises we are using large fridges but sadly they do not hold the amount  of produce  that we will need to keep cool in the summer months,  we work really hard but all our profit each week goes in to the running of our business and in to stock so we have set up this fund to help us to grow our business and also by having a cold store in place we can free up a lot of space and employ someone else to help us make boxes and continue to grow our wonderful little business .

We have never asked anyone for help as it's normally us helping others but we have reached a point where we really can grow but need a wee bit of help xxxx

Please make a donation to help us xxx

Even a few pounds will help we have PayPal set up on this fundraiser too xxx

We have had a quote of £13.000 to have the walk in fridge erected at our unit but sadly this is an  amount we can't afford at the moment we have been saving hard for a year and not spent a penny so we are setting up crownfunder to help us grow our amazing business x 

bela and Julie