Innovative & Sustainable Van Conversions

by Aaron Martin in Falmouth, England, United Kingdom

Innovative & Sustainable Van Conversions


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To raise money to initiate my business Cold Coffee Van Conversions, kickstart for me to start designing and building sustainable conversions

by Aaron Martin in Falmouth, England, United Kingdom

At the age of 18, I brought a T4 (Transporter Van) and converted it along side achieving my marine engineering apprenticeship. I brought this van in an attempt to gain freedom and explore Europe. After working intense and long hours I earned enough holiday to travel through France for a summer, shortly after this visit, I made a plan. A plan to pursue my dream- to quit my job , get a degree in design and start my own business in designing and building sustainable, innovative and attractive van conversions and tiny homes. 

After receiving unconditional offers from all of my university applications, I accepted a place at Falmouth university (my home town), studying sustainable product design. Along side this degree I've been working effortlessly in the small amount of free time that I have, to turn my 3000 Pound investment into my T4 van to a Kickstarter for my business. 1609960302_105557674_595358358048999_6031231814986786040_n.jpg

Having almost doubled my money selling my first van conversion I was on track. However, I had to make the ultimate decision to take the plunge and put all my earnings and savings into converting something much bigger and much newer. 

This is when I brought my 2013 VW crafter (an ex DHL van) this was a big modern yellow bus). With a gap in my uni schedule I worked tirelessly to design and build this conversion in 2 months. This conversion has a massive focus on the re-use of wood and sustainability which I had absorbed from my degree. Unfortunately the aim to sell this van and get my business rolling had to wait, due to investing all my savings and not being able to afford rent, I lived in this van with my partner an our golden retriever for a year. 1609963194_136111458_406393753920700_3563728778925058651_n.jpg

Then my almost reachable goal of selling the van was delayed due to Corona Virus. Although I had buyers, going into a national lockdown delayed the sale for 3 extra months. 1609960350_121181848_849346655894516_6253919368350273083_n.jpg

May 2020. This is when I sold the VW crafter. This is when I let go of all the self doubt. When I really believed I could achieve my dreams and do what I loved doing. 

Shortly after this I brought (which is now my current van) my ford transit mk8 2016. Having worked my way up to this van, I again invested my earnings and savings to create an innovative and attractive conversion. This van was also home for a while , I had to delay the sale of this van due to my third year of uni which was much more work than I had imagined. 1609960388_121191828_805646046928755_9209478674209666381_n_(1).jpg

1609960420_121301350_660037367862246_2661165210265245737_n.jpgNearing the midway point of my academic year, I prepared the van for sale. This was the most important sale to date, as it is the last sale before I finish University and take the plunge to invest in a workshop and start doing these conversions full time. I had massive plans, as part of my University dissertation I had been researching and designing a new modular and sustainable van conversion to promote vans as alternative affordable living spaces. Which I hope to build and produce within my business.

Unfortunately luck wasn't on my side, The engine in the van went boom. All my savings, all my earnings , my dreams of starting my own business all paused. That's what brought be to crowd funder, due to my savings being in my van the likelihood of affording a new engine was small ,it was possible but it would definitely stall my plans for a long time, a massive chunk of work has been lost from years of hard work to finally achieve my goal. 

By achieving this crowd funder, I can initiate my business and fulfil my plans to create my designs and succeed in creating innovate sustainable and attractive van conversions. Not only will this provide sustainable van conversions for leisure but also promote affordable housing.1609960467_bed_option_1_in_half.jpg



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