Help Open Bru’d Awakenin’s

by Bru’d Awakenin’s in Royton, England, United Kingdom

Help Open Bru’d Awakenin’s
Not quite
Unfortunately this project was not successful.

Help raise funds to finish off the project and fulfil my dream that I am so close to achieving.

by Bru’d Awakenin’s in Royton, England, United Kingdom

Iv wanted to open up a coffee shop in my local town so there would be somewhere that is open day and night 7 days a week. There isn’t really anywhere to socialise or take children for a treat that isn’t closed after / before school or early evening. Not everyone wants to go to a pub!

 I want to be able to cater for different diets such as vegan / gluten free and have found some amazing suppliers to help provide some really brilliant produce. 

I also hugely want to do my bit for the planet so reusable cup promo’s no single use plastics, recycling. 

Iv worked full time from being 15 years old as well as bringing  up  2 children who are 17 & 15. Iv saved what I can and had  finally found a premises that would work. Half way through renovating the unit I had to stop working. I’d been so wrapped up in working and providing that I lost sight of what was truly important, being there for my children. My daughter was diagnosed with special educational needs, anxiety and scoliosis which is a curve in her spine.   She is due to be operated on on the 13/12/18 - she should have had it done on the 8/11/18 but it was cancelled. This triggered My daughter to go into depression and worry and this eacalated into a downward spiral.  The surgery is a massive worry to her, understandably.  I’m now having to use my savings to keep a roof over our heads etc and have run out of money to finish the shop. I was so close! I will need to care for my daughter for at least 3 months after surgery so there’s no way I can afford to finish the project let alone save anything. I just need a little help to get up and running and start making a living again. The shop will be family run so both children will be working there eventually. 

Monies raised will be used for ......


The shop is freezing and needs some form of heat running through! A vestibule needs to be built at the entrance to stop cold air coming through too. 


need some tables and chairs. 


I need enough stock to see us through until we start making money. 


I need to get someone in to fit some hard wearing flooring. 


I need to be more realistic and not throw myself into working 12 hour days 7 days a week so I can spend time looking after my family. So I need to be able to employ and train some staff. Maybe look at getting some management training for myself so I can delegate work loads instead of doing everything myself. 


Iv been covering the rental fee and not bringing in any money so this has eaten away at my savings. I had planned to continue working full time whilst the renovations where on going but due to family crisis - things changed rapidly.

I don’t want to appear to be stringing along some sob story, but without some help I doubt I’ll be able to keep up the rent let alone finish the project and Iv come so far, im almost there! 

Thank you for reading my story and I hope I get to fulfil my dream xxx 

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