Coffee Production and Shop

Coffee Production and Shop

This Coffee production and Coffee shop business will provide job opportunities directly and indirectly for youths.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

Coffee production and Coffee shop is a Business Plan


  • Became successfull Entrepreneur
  • Create chances for youth who are unemployed


  • Create opportunities in Sri Lankan Coffee industry 
  • Expand the business and create new job opportunities directly and indirectly. 

There are so many youths are unemployed and looking for goverment jobs in this region . As we do not have much funding from banks as startup loans its very difficult to move forward. 

Here I brief you the plan;

Jaffna city is a more populated city in Norther Province Sri Lanka. There are so many insitutions and business organizations in this place but there is no great place for hangout with coffee like Singapore's "Yellow Cup Coffee" or Barista.  

This plan will be created new business culture on this place and encourage youngs to creat new business ideas with international standards.