Coffee Origins Travel - Marketing fund for events

Coffee Origins Travel - Marketing fund for events

Our project is to raise funds in order to exhibit our tour packages during the coffee festivals in London to attract our customer target.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

Coffee origins Travel business details

Coffee Origins Travel is a tour operator specialized in the coffee culture road trips and excursions within the key coffee region as well as unique coffee cities. Through harvesting, cropping, roasting, cupping, brewing or just drinking – we are creating a unique road trip for coffee lovers to get knowledge of a common passion during their vacation. Thus, for coffee lovers who want to live their passion during holiday, we provide a unique and authentic coffee experience to meet enthusiast’s needs. As a matter of fact, we are partnering up with private baristas and best coffee shops as well as remote coffee farms owner in order to create the first bespoke travel packages specialized in the coffee culture.


Why are we on crowdfunder?

Our project is to raise funds in order to exhibit our tour packages during the coffee festivals in London. Such an event require to invest a certain amount for stand, marketing, goodies. We strongly believe that crowdfunder community is a positive and passionate community of like-minded people.

Since we are specialized in the coffee culture, participating in the London Coffee festival and Cafe Culture Show will allow the coffee lovers community to have the opportunity to discover our tours.

During the festival we are going to organize a game in order to win a free trip for 2 person. The game is simple: take a picture with our background, post on social media, tag 3 friends and put our hashtag. The post with the most likes will win the prize!

We aim to attract more than 3,000 people in our stand !

Why choosing Coffee Origins Travel  

• The way people travel has extremely changes over the last decades. Having traveled for more than 10 years in 50+ countries, I’ve noticed that there is something more than just a destination to visit. Nowadays, there is an authentic and unique experience we are craving for. We are bored of being a tourist and want to be a traveler, an adventurer an explorer. We don’t especially want to do the “must-to-do in” or the “top 10 things to do in”. Instead, we want to experience the “must-we-LOVE-to-do” and the top activities related to our passion.  

• We strongly believe that tomorrow’s travel industry will shift from classic tours to more tailored tours designed to people’s passion by passionate people. That’s why in Coffee Origins Travel, we organize our tours with our heart in order to deliver the most genuine experience to our coffee lover community.

• Like health, love, family or success; travelling is one of the top wishes and resolution of every year. As a matter of fact, for 74% of global travelers, “going somewhere I’ve never been before,” is the top influences when making travel plan according to the 34,000 traveler respondents of a December 2015 study conducted on behalf of TripAdvisor.  

• 75% of the people surveyed would like holidays more related to their passion to improve their travel experience. Like for health, love, family or success, booking trips is going to be a decision based on passion rather than trends.  

The Genesis  

• When travelling, almost everyone want to discover local experiences and culture. Passionate travelers like you and me are more and more bored with touristic trap and want a more local, unique experience  

• Travelling is also about the people we met and the memories we create with them. Meeting and travelling with like-minded people sharing the same passion strengthens your experience and create unforgettable memories and friendships. What is Coffee Origins Travel?  

• To coffee lovers, who enjoy having a meeting in a coffee shop, buying fresh grounded coffee from their favorite roaster or just drinking a perfectly balanced espresso; we are providing a unique experience mixing the pleasure of a vacation with their passion for coffee. Designed for coffee lovers by coffee lovers in coffee regions  

• The uniqueness and genuineness of our tours are due to our partnerships with the best specialty coffee shops and top-skilled baristas.

• The benefits gained by our coffee lover community is tremendous. The skills learned, the passion shared, the new friends made, the new countries discovered and the local gems visited make our tours the most value-added package for coffee lovers.  

• After being trained by barista champion, tasting unique single origin coffee, visiting historical coffee farms and enjoying many local moment with like-minded travelers, you’ll never be the same…  

• You may still go to the same roaster to buy your beans or pick-up your coffee at the same coffee shop in a hurry before work, but as soon as you’ll take your first sip; you’ll make a pause and remember this barista champion who taught you how to taste coffee, the coffee farm you’ve visited or the conversation you had with your new friends.  

The secondary objective is to develop economy and fair trade with local owners such as farmers, roasters, specialty coffee shops and baristas. We would like to create a community that is aware of coffee worker's conditions and improve their standard of living.

We make the promise to brew experience where you’ve never bean to finally extract and taste what you really love. Because by offering the opportunity to live their passion, we are completely understanding the coffee enthusiasts and sharing the same values.