Coffee Lean

Coffee Lean

Coffee Lean's aim to bring a coffee weight loss product to the market which will aid consumers in acheving their weight loss goals.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

Coffee Lean is a non-existing business concept in the UK, and has the ability to penetrate the void within this market.  Coffee Lean will be the first drink of its kind in the UK, it’s a gap that needs to be filled in the coffee sector as it will give consumers something that will help them achieve there weight loss goals more easily.  What is the most consumed beverage in the world? Not water or Coca Cola, or even tea, it is Coffee, so I am combing the biggest crisis right now which is obesity along with the world’s most consumed beverage to create a weight loss instant coffee.

We use the worlds most popular blend of coffee which is from Columbia, this is then spray dried to create an instant coffee powder, this powder is then blended together with 8 natural weight loss ingredients that have been popular amongst people trying to lose weight and trim down, the blend is filled into 2.5g stick packs and sold in boxes of 28 sticks.

The taget market will be customers who want to achieve weight loss and health enthusiasts, as well as general coffee lovers who want to drink something that will help them metabolize food quicker or keep the hunger pangs at bay. The way into this market will be through our website as well as promotion advertising through Facebook, with a large customer base including the domestic market, hotels, coffee shops, leisure centers, gyms, offices, hotels, food and drink distributors, cash and carry’s, health retail stores, pub chains and supermarkets and anywhere that has a need for instant coffee, the scope is vast one.

So get on board and support up us in acheving this goal.