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To reduce social isolation, anxiety and depression in young people by creating a safe, fun and engaging space for them to meet.

by Corey Kemp in Bournemouth, England, United Kingdom

At university, I experienced loneliness as I moved away from home. This was only compounded by my mental health at the time and experiencing anxiety and depression in the past. Now that I have overcome these feelings, I can't help but feel others feel, or have felt, the same. 

One of the biggest things that would have changed my outlook on life is having the outlet from what I was experiencing. Some people, however, do not feel they can make that leap to meeting new people, doing new things or just getting out. 

I want to create a project that challenges an issue that remains silent but is important to overcome. Coffee Connect is an opportunity for young people to meet similar individuals, who have experienced similar emotions, and offer them an outlet that could be the catalyst to changing their attitude and lives. 

I want to create a space that can offer everyone something. If you want to chat to people, grab a coffee and sit down and chill. Not in the mood that day but need an outlet? Use a console, borrow some headphones and listen to some music - it doesn't matter. As long as the person feels welcomed in the environment to distract themselves, that is the most important thing. 

All the money raised from Crowdfunder UK will be used to rent a space that young people can come to, free of entry. Secondly, the money will be invested in consoles, televisions and headphones that can be used by anyone at these events. Any remainder of the money will be used to maintain support for those individuals that attend and to purchase extra food or drink to make their experience as comfortable as possible. 

Coffee Connect will change the way young people look for help in a way that is supportive and non-evasive whilst providing a platform from which they can turn their outlook on life around. 

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