Coffee and Craic

Coffee and Craic

To promote the use of the Scottish Gaelic language through the making of a community hub, offering activities, learning groups and children's groups.

We did it!

On 18th Jun 2013 we successfully raised £2,035 of £2,000 target with 84 supporters in 28 days

Hello there and first of all thankyou for taking the time to read about my project.

My name is Sarah Bolland, I am 25 year old Mother of 2 and live in Glasgow. My Son's are 3 and 4, and through Nursery started learning the Scottish Gaelic language. Since then, my family have become involved in learning too, as I think it is hugely important to introduce a second (or third!) language to children, even better at such a young age. We have become very involved in the Gaelic community of Glasgow, which is growing at a rapid rate. In 2005, the Gaelic language Act was passed in parliament. This Act gives Gaelic recognition in Scotland as an official language and since it has been passed, the increasing numbers of learners have changed the attitude that our national language is dying, instead, thriving!

Glasgow has a 3 years to 18 years School which teaches GME (Gaelic medium education.) - Sgoil Ghàidhlig Ghlaschu. The children are taught in Gaelic for the first 2 years, and then learn English as a subject, still following the Scottish curriculum for excellence. The advantage being that they will be bilingual and are promoting the use of our language. The school has become so popular that another one is being opened in Glasgow as the demand increases. This year in August there will be 99 primary one new starts, that's 4 classes of children!



Being a Gaelic learner in Glasgow this past year, I have made a lot of friends, it is a truely wonderful, strong community. However, I have realised that our community is lacking in a place to get together for a coffee, learn together, let the children play together, a community  hub! My idea is to create this by myself, as a sole trader for my community and to allow me to be as involved as possible in my Son's education.

I have been working since the start of the year to put together a business plan, have identified a premises which is in the heart of the Gaelic community of Partick, Glasgow. I have had a huge amount of support from my business advisers at the Princes Trust and Jobs & Business Glasgow. I am in the process of applying for grants from both of them and will also apply for a Princes Trust low interest loan. These funds will allow me to buy my furniture (second hand and upcycled.) Also my coffee machine, fridge, panini machine, soup urn, counter and fit the shop out.

My next task is funding my community activity, and this is why I have decided to join Crowdfunder. I have calculated that 100 hours at £20 p/h is £2000. This would enable me to have a Gaelic tutor come into the hub and do learning classes with the parents and other learners for the first 2 months. After this I am hoping that my profit can be put to funding my tutors, and will allow me to offer more and more activities, toddler groups, children's reading sessions, poetry evenings and music evenings.

As well an being hugely beneficial to our Gaelic community, my venture will support as many other local businesses as possible. I will source all produce and home baking from other small businesses,  my coffee supplier is a small, Rainforest alliance asssociated local roaster. I will have local up and coming Scottish artists art on the walls and will offer them the space for exhibitions. I will also support the Suspended coffee scheme which allows people to pay for an extra coffee which less fortunate people can come in and claim. I will also put out a monthly newsletter which has a list of available classes, groups and events for the following month.

In the future, I would like Coffee and Craic to become bigger and able to offer lots of different Gaelic cultural activities, even promoting tourism in our city as it could become a known tourist destination. 

Thanks again for reading, fingers crossed! (Moran Taing!)

Sarah, Coffee and Craic

P.S - Every reward  now includes an invite (plus guest,) to our pre opening night party! See you there! :)


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