Coffee and Counselling

by Annabel Gold in London, England, United Kingdom

Coffee and Counselling


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Aiding individuals with their mental health and wellbeing in-person and virtually.

by Annabel Gold in London, England, United Kingdom

New stretch target

The extra money will be used to pay for training for one of my juniors on my team. 

Psychotherapy allows individuals to learn about their own conditions and moods, feelings, thoughts and behaviours by talking to an expert. The main purpose of therapy is to teach the client how to respond to stress and challenges with healthy coping skills. Therapists may be licensed social workers, psychologists, licensed professional counsellors, psychiatric nurses or psychiatrists. Most therapists practice in offices or hospitals; however, some therapists also meet clients in alternative settings. I've found, having therapy sessions with clients in a coffee shop produce great results.

One day, on a Thursday, I was sitting in a Starbucks store at 7.30 am reading, I realised all the people walking in were rushing, stressed or looked overworked. It made me realise, everyone is looking for someone to talk to, talk through whats going on in there minds and environments. Hence, the idea of coffee and Counselling was birthed. 

I aim to launch a mobile coaching service in coffee shops, where individuals can book a session through my website and myself or a qualifies team member will travel to their location.

I aim to launch my services during this season, looking to host free 30 min skype sessions for individuals who are struggling with the changes we are all having to face. I will suggest the individuals have a drink (maybe a tea or coffee) at had, to try to re-enact a coffee shop atmosphere. After the month of free sessions, I will then begin to launch my services and charge. 

The funds raised will be used to get my branding and website done and to build the process. I will also be running an online campaign raising awareness on the benefits of counselling.   

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