Cocktails and Cupcakes by Katie Bakes

Cocktails and Cupcakes by Katie Bakes

I'd love to raise funds to buy a mobile bar called 'Cocktails and Cupcakes' combining the 2 thing I love most - baking and entertaining!

We did it!

On 28th Nov 2016 we successfully raised £275 with 18 supporters in 42 days

Could you help me achieve a lifelong dream??

I am a teacher of food technology - or 'cooking and nutrition' as they now call it - everyday i teach 11-18 year olds how to cook or bake a variety of delightful culinary treats and i have been doing it for 8 years now. I love my job, i love that everyday is different, i love the buzz i get when I see the 'shining eyes' in the kids - the lightbulb moment when they just get it.

I have always had the dream to run my own business but have never felt confident enough to be able to do it, in fact that was the reason i did my degree in Brand Management and Marketing - i just fell into teaching before i did anything with it. I just happened to be good at teaching so i stuck with it for longer than maybe i should have. But now i feel like i am at the point in my life, both personally and professionally, where i am confident enough and i truly believe i can make this dream become a reality. I'm 32 now and feel like the time is right to take the plunge to go ahead with my dream - it's now or never.

Before i had my son i set up a small business page on facebook making celebration cakes to order, which is still successfully run today (check it out - - you won't be dissappointed!). I love nothing more than spending time baking and decorating something truly unique and special for a customer and i get the same buzz and 'shining eyes' experience from giving people their baked goods as i used to teaching children.

So this is my project...

I plan on purchasing a mobile vehicle to sell my bakes goods and sweet treats from, ideally something converted from a vintage rice/horse box - to be called 'Cocktails and Cupcakes' (- catchy eh?).  I intend to incorporate this into the already successful online Katie Bakes business platform and have it available to rent out for special occasions, weddings, parties and corporate events etc. The main aim of the business would be in providing dessert catering for events, but it would also offer packages for alcoholic beverages - i'm thinking things like prosecco cream teas or pimms and cupcakes - hence the name. 

I would also use it to attend local food fairs, music festivals (in my local area I would have the opportunity to attend both Leeds Festival and Bingley Music Live) and vintage fairs to sell food and drinks - these would be sourced from local producers; craft ales and ciders are of particular interest to me along with local liquer producers. The food would (of course) be baked goods produced by me.

Here is an example of the kind of service i am looking at...

**Please note, i do not own this image. This image serves purely as an example and is not my service**

So far i have completed a business plan, cash flow forcast, have had a custom logo and business stationary designed and have also done some extensive market research, where i discovered that there is currently nothing similar to this available in my local area. The research also tells me that retro and vintage themed events are on the increase, along with the trend of having 'alternative' weddings; examples of these being teepee or glamping style weddings, I believe that my business will be successful because of this. Another key part of my business plan research was that i discovered that cocktails are also becoming more and more popular. Did you know universitys are now offering cocktail and cupcake parties at their student unions?? Or that Cocktail FLAVOURED Cupcakes are also a thing?? These are the kinds of events that i hope to run when the business is fully set up.

I also have social media platforms set up on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. The money raised from the project will purchase the vehicle (readily converted as this is more cost effective), equipment and utensils, along with insurances for the business.


Rewards for supporting/pledging to my project are as follows; chocolate (who doesn't love that?!?!), cake (again, who doesn't love cake?) and there are also vouchers available for a three tier celebration cake of your choice, event bar booking and a party package. Rewards will be updated throughout the time that the project goes live so be sure to check back, they are not only a great way of supporting small business but an excellent way to get your hands on some baked treats! Take a look on the right hand side to see what rewards are available for each pledge...

**Updated Rewards now including Chocolate Lollies and Chocolate Brick Sets**

**NEW REWARD ADDED** Christmas Hampers have been added to the rewards! These include; Christmas Cake, Gingerbread men, candy cane cookies, chocolate bars and lollipops. The RRP of these is £30 so you are getting 1/3 off when pledging £20!

Thanks so much for taking the time to read my project and for supporting my dream. Every person who pledges will be added to a mailing list to recieve a newsletter keeping you up to date with the progress of my business.

Thanks so much everyone for your support!

Katie x

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