Coast to Coast

Coast to Coast

Coast to Coast Cycling Challenge for my 50th Birthday - help my friend go lightweight !

We did it!

On 26th Mar 2016 we successfully raised £60 with 3 supporters in 28 days

 I am turning 50yrs this year and wanted to set myself a challenge for this momentous occasion.  Myself and 8 friends (most of us not so fit and not cyclists) have decided to cycle the coast to coast in June 2016 taking 3 days from Seascale to Whitby - 150 miles in total.  We know this will be hard for us as most of us aren't cyclists or keep fit fanatics, however we will treasure the memories we will take from the experience of training and cycling together.  We started training 4 weeks ago and my dear friend Jo is using an old heavy Giant Bike Hybrid bike of mine.  Our last training outing took it's toll on Jo on the hills, we managed 36kms that day but it wasn't without trauma trying to get the old heavy bike up the hills!  I have now decided to set myself an additional challenge to raise funds to buy Jo a lightweight bike, it won't be anything expensive, it just needs to be light, with a comfortable seat and have flat handlebars (not drop ones) and be able to make Jo's journey uphill much easier.  Much nearer the time we'll be raising money from doing the ride for Cancer Research, a cause which i am sure is close to most people's hearts.  If you can help in anyway with a donation, no matter how small, we will treasure the memory of your genorosity.

Our mantra for our training and coast to coast ride: It will hurt, it will take time, it will require dedication, it will require willpower, it will require healthy decisions, it will require sacrifice, it will push our bodies to the maximum, there will be temptation, but I promise you when we reach our goal it wil be worth it.

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